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Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 1. (in 2 part) December 15, 2013

Physics-mathematics Sciences

1. Elena I. Rukavishnikova
On the Existence and Uniqueness of -Generalized Solution for Dirichlet Problem with Singularity on the Boundary

In the present paper, in a convex two-dimensional domain, we consider the Dirichlet problem for a second-order differential equation with degeneration on the entire of the boundary. For this problem, we study the existence and uniqueness of an generalized solution i.e., the fact that it belongs to the space . We also prove the uniqueness theorem for the generalized solution in the space for all values of the parameter ν in a certain scale.

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Agricultural Sciences

2. Adeubai Seitkaziyev, Asker Taishybekoy, Karlygash Seitkaziyeva
Methods of Salt and Alkaline Soils Improvement in Zhambylsk Region

The article presents methods of environmental and ameliorative activities, based on subsoiling, using the data on soil and environmental conditions of prairie gray salt and alkaline soils. They were developed for efficient use of water resources in irrigated zones. The optimal norms of the studied sector washing are detected.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389182465.pdf
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Economic Sciences

3. Nykolay V. Kostel, Iuliia G. Shyshova
Cost of Capital and Its Forecast in Value-Based Management

Enterprise operation in the current context of ecologically sustainable development includes revision of existing management and its further improvement. Value-based management is the upcoming trend of financial management. Cost of capital is one of the key indicators and it plays prominent role in cost assessment and forecast. The analysis of existing approaches to formation and assessment of rational capital structure is conducted. Dynamic compromise theory in terms of ecologically sustainable development is proved to be the most reasonable for practical use. Correction of its assessment, such as broadening of risk spectrum and effects in case of enterprise environmentally friendly activity is proposed. Methodological support of capital cost forecast, considering the impact of non-financial factors is improved. It will help to extend tools of value-based management.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389182549.pdf
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4. Tetiana S. Onysenko
Innovation Sources Identification in the Publishing Business

Permanent changes in conditions of internal and external environment, either crisis or technological breakthrough promote innovation development. The article considers innovation sources, such as unexpected, nonconformance, impelling need, market or industry changes, changes of demographic factors, changes in reality perception, new knowledge. Innovation sources, considering publishing business features are analyzed. The fact that innovations in different spheres have specific character and cannot be reduced to one criteria and one definition is considered. The article determines that the transition to innovative development (operation) of enterprises in general and publishing houses in particular really becomes the vital trend.

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5. Galina Romanova, Eugeny Ugriumov, Yuri Verbin, Rastislav Stojsavljević
Managing Hotel Staff Development in the Course of Preparation of Large-scale Sports Events (Sochi Case Study)

This article discusses the most important element of staff development management - its training. Extra professional training of hotel staff in the course of preparation of large-scale events enables to provide high quality of service, master the skills of professional communication with the guests in accordance with international standards of hospitality, develop psychological stability and preparedness to emergence and stressful situations. The features of the training programs, depending on the strategy of staff development are showed. Step by step algorithm of hotel personnel training is presented. Main conditions of efficient training are determined.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389182700.pdf
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6. Doris Schmied, Maria Ransberger
Health Tourism, Rurality and Rural Development Case studies on the example of Františkovy Lázně (Czech Republic) and of Neualbenreuth (Germany)

Currently more there are than 1,200 spas and health resorts in Europe (European Spas Association), most of them in rural areas, yet very little research. Key questions of this article: Which role plays rurality in health tourism and can health tourism be a successful endogenous rural development strategy? Case studies on 2 spas in close vicinity but in two different countries and for a long time separated by the Iron Curtain.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389182782.pdf
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Philological Sciences

7. Fazira A. Kakzhanova, Saltanat Zh. Alimkulova
Shall/Will in the Paradigm of Tense

The article is devoted to the study of shall and will semantics at different historical periods. Shall and will are the result of long historical development, change and transformation. It is important to note that the form of future tense in the English grammar was formed later than others, that is why it preserves definite semantic uncertainty, alternating functions of futurity and modality. This fact enables to trace back the process of its formation in languages with written tradition in detail. To analyze the specific use of future tense we followed the principle of selection of the most distinctive examples from different centuries and showed its changes during the whole period from XIII to XX century.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389182867.pdf
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8. Aliya B. Nasyrova
Medical Terms in Kazakh Language

The article reveals peculiarities of derivation of medical terms in Kazakh language. The author focuses on encouragement issues of medical terms. The key feature of Kazakh medical terms is motivation to any life occurrences. Having analyzed the terms in Kazakh language, the author divided them into certain groups on the base of generalization of motivational characteristics.

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9. Berik S. Rakhimov, Saule Zh. Shakhina, Aliya B. Nasyrova, Altyn N. Muratova
Role and Importance of Professional Texts in Speech Practice Exercises

The article deals with teaching Kazakh language to foreign students. The main objective in speech practice – teaching Kazakh language through development of reading and comprehension practices of students as well as transmission of professional text contexts. Along with the work on professional texts, the authors consider alternative techniques aimed at acquisition of lexical material and meaning of grammatical units. These kinds of assignments create communicational subject-oriented environment, students’ personal enrichment, appliance of hands-on experience.

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Pedagogical Sciences

10. Olena H. Kalinina
Higher Education Quality Assurance in Ukraine and the USA (Comparative Aspect)

The article considers the major differences in the meaning and mechanisms of quality assurance in higher education in Ukraine and the USA. The author analyses the national and institutional level of higher education quality assurance comparing the Ukrainian and the American model of quality assurance, accreditation process, academic standards and performance indicators, institutional quality management systems, university interaction with social infrastructure.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389183054.pdf
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11. Janat A. Karmanova, Anel K. Iskazhimova, Rauana B. Mazhenova, Saltanat M. Abylaykhan
Role of the Teacher in Education of Ethnic Consciousness in Pupils

The article examines the role of the teacher in the education of ethnic consciousness among pupils. The article emphasizes the study of ethnic consciousness among pupils in Kazakhstan. The multiethnic structure of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan puts forward the whole complex of the problems connected not only with linguistic and cultural distinctions, but also historically developed, psychological features of ethnoses before education. It has to find reflection in educational process of school. Besides, in the conditions of globalization of world educational space it is necessary to introduce subject matters and open classrooms which will promote formation of planetary consciousness and unity of universal values at schools. From the carried-out analysis, it is possible to note that development of open classrooms and the training courses reflecting questions of polycultural education on the basis of ethnocultural values of title ethnos is necessary.

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12. Janat A. Karmanova, Rauana B. Mazhenova, Gulmira N. Manashova, Araylym A. Almeshova
Theoretical Aspects of Development of Creative Activity in Future Teachers

The article discusses the theoretical aspects of development of creative activity among future teachers, analyzes psychological and educational research of concepts of «creativity» at different stages of society development, denotes didactic principles of creative activity of a personality. According to the authors, the achievement of modern education goals involves the development of the creative activity of educational subjects. Having conducted the analysis, we came to the conclusion that a creative teacher, training and upbringing the young generation, treats each student as individual, promotes the formation and development of his/her intellectual and creative potential and considers his/her individual and psychological characteristics. Only such teacher can be called creative, intelligent, creative thinker and such specialists are necessary for the modern educational sphere.

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13. Marina A. Maznichenko, Irina N. Makarova, Aleksandr V. Shashkov
Volunteering Institute of Russian Federation: Prerequisites and Models of Development

The article reveals significance and theoretical grounds for the development of voluntarism as a social institute. It has been proved that voluntarism in Russian Federation must be considered as a regulator of public relations between social institutes and as a free-standing social institute-subject and an institute-mechanism. 6 models of volunteering development are presented. These can be delivered in Russia: development model of voluntarism as an effective method of solving the state issues, development method of volunteering institute as a pedagogical recourse of society, development model of volunteering institute as a catalyzer of social orientation of institute of economy, development model of volunteering institute as embodiment of religious values, development model of volunteering institute, development model of voluntarism as a free-standing social institute for solving specific assignments in development of civil society.

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14. Tamar Tamarashvili
From the History of Teaching-Scientific Touring Tours at the Beginning of the XX century

The article archives prove that at the beginning of the 20th century in the Caucasus as well as in Georgia the interest towards tourist sights was huge. From scientific and educational points of view a huge interest was shown by educational institutions, colleges and universities of the Russian Empire. They were planning both individual and group sightseeing routes. They used to get acquainted with sights and carried out scientific researches. Mountainous landscapes of the Caucuses with magnificent passes, military route, and divirsive nature even today arises interest among foreign tourists. It is noteworthy that diversive flora and fauna in Georgia have always been in the focus of zoologists’ attention. Students and scientific researchers used to come from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yerevan and Poland. The Caucasus region in the last century and even today gives a unique opportunity for scientific researches and tourist routes.

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