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1 March 23, 2018

Articles and Statements

1. Jasminka Ahmetašević, Merdžana Obralić
Predictors of Novelty of Product Ideas: Proposition of Theoretical Model

European Researcher. Series A, 2018, 9(1): 4-8.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2018.1.4CrossRef

This study investigates the predictors of novelty of product ideas. Conceptual approach based on the theory has been applied to provide better understanding of the relationship between transformational leadership and two knowledge creation modes (internalization, externalization), as well as the relationship between transformational leadership and novelty of product ideas. We conducted a systematic review of literature regarding the transformational leadership and novelty of product ideas and knowledge creation modes. In the previous literature authors explored the link between transformational lidership and knowledge creation without detailed focus on knowledge creation modes. Therefore, the main contribution of this research is that it is one of the first studies to explore link between transformational leadership and novelty of product ideas, having two important knowledge creation modes as mediators. The main finding of this paper is theoretical model which should be validated by future research in order to be confirmed. Considering nature of the model, it is recommended for future research to conduct validation of the model using structural equation modelling method as the one which will provide reliable conclusions. According to proposed model based on the literature, it is expected that internalization and externalization will be mediators of the relationship between transformational leadership and novelty of product ideas.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1521800651.pdf
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2. Sribas Goswami
Human Trafficking: A Sociological Study on Tribal Women of Jharkhand

European Researcher. Series A, 2018, 9(1): 9-13.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2018.1.9CrossRef

Trafficking of women and girls is a gross violation of human rights of human rights, which needs to be addressed. Trafficking assaults human dignity, flagrantly violates fundamental human rights, erodes consciences, thus fomenting corruption. It is also called modern-day slavery, whereby the victim him/herself “accepts” his/her situation due to the lack of substantial choices and ways out of poverty. Key social determinants that facilitate selling of the women’s and girls and their exploitation include poverty, female gender, lack of policy and enforcement, age, migration, displacement and ethnicity, culture, ignorance of trafficking methods, and caste status. Therefore the need of the hour is a serious reflection on the social, ethical, and religious implications of this inhuman issue. The State’s responsibilities to these challenges and how to make use of its various resources for combating trafficking is a serious concern of this research. Therefore this paper also investigates the proximate explanatory factors behind modern-day slavery and issue of the region and will serve as a tool in bridging the gap and shaping the future of the women and children of this reign. Since the issue of human trafficking in Jharkhand is a wide phenomenon, the research is exclusively focusing on cause of trafficking of the adivasi (tribal) women and girls of Sahibganj district, Jharkhand. This research is concentrated on two blocks of Sahibganj district of Jharkhand.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1521800704.pdf
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3. Filiz Katman , Zeki Şafak Toptaş
Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict

European Researcher. Series A, 2018, 9(1): 14-23.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2018.1.14CrossRef

This article is about that nationalist ideology and ethnic conflict issue. The modern world system consists of nation states for that reason ethnic and nationalist disputes are quite significant. Moreover, disagreements about it create a threat for human life and the state to unity and its integrity. Today, around the world, billions life suffer from racism, religionist fundamentalism, ethnic and cultural discrimination. In this study will analysis basis of nationalism and trying to give a new vision about ethnic conflict problem. In the paper, presenting a broad framework from the origins of humanity to capitalism, religious and cultural group until the clash of civilizations.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1521800764.pdf
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4. Petra Kurková, Dagmar Nemček, Elena Bendíková
Curricular Transformation from the Perspective of the Trends in the Education of Pupils who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in Czech Republic

European Researcher. Series A, 2018, 9(1): 24-33.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2018.1.24CrossRef

The study deals with curricular transformation from the perspective of the trends in the education of pupils who are deaf or hard of hearing in Czech Republic after 1993. It compares educational approaches in primary education with an emphasis on regular and special education of pupils who are deaf or hard of hearing. After the adoption of the Education Act in 2004, the number of pupils in schools for the deaf or hard of hearing started to gradually decline and there have been demographic changes as to how and where pupils who are deaf or hard of hearing receive their education. Effective from September 2016, the amendment to the Education Act brought new education opportunities for pupils who are deaf or hard of hearing, which respect their language and cultural differences. However, all these changes – including support measures – may not affect the successful integration of a pupil who is deaf or hard of hearing. The degree of disability of the pupil being integrated and the system of measures to support the individual’s special needs in more challenging conditions also play an important role. The on-going curricular reform provides teachers with an opportunity to modify and expand the curriculum to support the development of pupils who are deaf or hard of hearing together with their peers and to form a solid foundation for their future lives.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1521800827.pdf
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5. Elena Muryukina
Gender Analysis of Development of Subjects of School and University in the Soviet and Russian Documentary and Television Audiovisual Media Texts

European Researcher. Series A, 2018, 9(1): 34-41.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2018.1.34CrossRef

The article presents the results of gender analysis of development of subjects of school and university in the Soviet and Russian documentary and television audiovisual media texts of Men-heroes of the Soviet and Russian documentary and television audiovisual media texts on school and university topic have pronounced masculine characteristics: self-confidence, the desire for independence of their own attitudes, beliefs, actions, persistence, self-sufficiency. Depending on the topic of media text to meet the characters from the dominant male type to emphasized femininity. In the typology of female images N. Yakovleva highlights: hypersexual masculine, masculine, feminine, hypersexual feminine types. We found that hypersexual masculine and feminine hypersexual types do not reflect in Soviet and Russian documentary and television audiovisual media texts. The masculine type is found in the documentary films designed to promote, for example, in physical training and sports. The androgynous type widely represented in the Soviet and Russian documentary and television audiovisual media texts. in documentaries there are virtually no characters that meet the characteristics of a feminine type; the Russian television is reflected in the media texts, which are implemented at the local channels often owned by the universities.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1521800878.pdf
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6. Amina Osmanović, Ceylani Akay
Social Adaptability of Elementary School Gifted Students

European Researcher. Series A, 2018, 9(1): 42-49.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2018.1.42CrossRef

In this paper, we have tried to reach an understanding on social adaptability of gifted students in the educational context which has not been adapted to the specific needs of a gifted child. The sample consisted of 43 gifted fourth grade students and their peers (in total: 469 students). The first research question examined the differences in the level of social skills development of sampled gifted students measured by the seven scaled Social Skills Self-Assessment Tool. The results showed that the best scores were achived on the scales of Social and Emotional Sensitivity and Expressiveness. Gifted students underscored the scale of Social Manipulation. The second research question examined the differences in the sociometric position of gifted students. By analyzing the data of the sociogram, we have realised that only 10 (23.25 %) of the 43 gifted students belong to a group of popular children or "stars". Obtained results proved significant differences in the sociometric position of fourth grade gifted students in the classroom. Measurement of social adaptability in a group of gifted students did not reveal that gifted people demonstrate high levels of social competence. Consequently, results presented that only 8 (18.6 %) of the 43 gifted students belong to a group of individuals that are socially adapted: high level of social skills combined with high sociometric position.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1521800946.pdf
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7. Denis A. Pechegin
Criminal Responsibility in the Cryptosphere

European Researcher. Series A, 2018, 9(1): 50-57.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2018.1.50CrossRef

In accordance with the official forecasts of the development of the domestic economy (development Concept and security Strategy), the imbalance in world trade and capital movements will continue and may increase in the coming years, which will contribute to changes in the exchange rates of world currencies. The Russian Federation has set the goal of transforming the national currency into a leading regional reserve unit. Today, however, the full implementation of such plans is impeded by uncertainty in matters of currency and legal responsibility, including in the actively developing cryptosphere. Today, the draft Federal law "On amendments to the Federal law "On the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Russian Federation" and the draft Federal law "On amendments to the Federal law "On digital financial assets" provide for the formation of special platforms (crypto exchange, operators, etc.), however, do not regulate the liability of professional participants of the emerging new crypto market.

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