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European Researcher. Series A – международный научный журнал по социальным наукам

E-ISSN 2224-0136

Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 2. (in 2 part) June 20, 2012

Medical sciences

1. A.V. Smolensky, A.V. Mikhaulova, Ya.A. Borisova, Z.B. Belotserkobsky, B.G. Lyabina, A.Ya. Tatarinova
Physiological Remodelling of ‘Athlete’s Heart’
Number of views: 1243      Download in PDF

2. N.I. Shlyk, E.N. Sapozhnikova, T.G. Kirillova
Type of Autonomic Regulation and Risk of Cardiac Event in Athletes (Based on the Results of Dynamic Study of Heart Rate Variability and Dispersed ESG Mapping)
Number of views: 1096      Download in PDF

3. A.N. Sykhorychko, Т.G. Kovalenko, М.А. Sykhorychko
Athletes’ Shoulder Joints Traumas Manual Therapy Rehabilitation
Number of views: 1156      Download in PDF

4. G.A. Bobkov, S.M. Bybnovskiy, О.Ya. Nadinskiy, I.A. Permyakov
Integral Definition of Athletes’ Myofascial Meridians Functional State and Their Correction
Number of views: 1160      Download in PDF

5. Е.Е. Dorofeeva
Characteristics of Immune Shifts and Some Hymoral Regulation Systems of Qualified Athletes
Number of views: 1011      Download in PDF

6. А.P. Shklyarenko, Т.G. Kovalenko, L.M. Pashkova
Spinal Cord Traumas of Children in Sports
Number of views: 1194      Download in PDF

7. S.V. Strelnikova, N.I. Panteleeva, I.M. Roshchevskaya
Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Racing Skiers’ Cardiac Electric Field at the Period of Ventricular Depolarization after Moderate and Submaximal Physical Load
Number of views: 1089      Download in PDF

8. E.A. Gavrilova
Athletes’ Stress Cardiomyopathy
Number of views: 1279      Download in PDF

9. E.E. Achkasov, M.Ya. Burova, E.N. Bezugolov, A.E. Yardoshvili, E.A. Talambum, E.M. Usmanova, O.A. Pashinin
The Role of Physical Activities with Rub ber Tubes in Preventing Football Players’ Muscle Injuries
Number of views: 1136      Download in PDF

10. E.S. Nasibulina, L.D. Mustafina, I.I. Akhmetova
Polymorphysm Association Ala55Val of UCP2 Gene with Predisposition for Team Sports
Number of views: 1211      Download in PDF

11. N.N. Nezhkina, O.V. Kuligin, A.B. Shubin, F.Ya. Fomin, Ya.V. Chistyakova
Development of Individual Programs of Athletes Motion Activity, Considering Vegetative Homeostasis Features
Number of views: 1146      Download in PDF

12. N.K. Poleshchuk, A.A. Zautsev, A.B. Makarevsky
Methodology and Instruments of Fatigue Express Control in Sports
Number of views: 1109      Download in PDF

13. E.V. Alfonsova, N.V. Bochkarnikova, L.A. Zabrodina
Histo- and Ultrastructural Changes in Immune System Organs during Lactic Acidosis
Number of views: 1129      Download in PDF

14. K.V. Gordon, S.M. Avtomeenko
Water Remedial Gymnastics as a Component of Preconception Training of Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Diseases of Pelvic Organs
Number of views: 1160      Download in PDF

15. I.N. Sorochinskaya, A.V. Chernushev
Role of Physical Activity in the Course of Resort Treatment of Insulin-independent Diabetes
Number of views: 999      Download in PDF

16. N.A. Petrushina, V.A. Ponomarev, I.V. Shichavin
Functional State of Puberty Aged Hockey Players’ Nervous System
Number of views: 1119      Download in PDF

17. V.P. Lykyanenko
The Role of General Physical Education in Solution of Health Problem of Russia’s Population
Number of views: 1115      Download in PDF

18. A.B. Kolosov, S.M. Voutenko
Roles Distribution and Group Identification in Sport Teams with Joint-Consistent Interaction Mode
Number of views: 1150      Download in PDF

19. Kh.A. Sanosyan
Methodology of Remote Control of Competitive Swimmers’ Individual Energetic Profile Development
Number of views: 1084      Download in PDF

20. L.S. Khodasevich, S.G. Kuzin, A.L. Khodasevich
Causes of Death in Athletes
Number of views: 1549      Download in PDF

21. V.V. Myakotnykh, V.L. Meltser
Problem of Health Preservation in the Course of Active Physical Activity
Number of views: 1080      Download in PDF

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