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4 April 30, 2016

Philosophical sciences

1. Sergey A. Lebedev
Methodology of Science and General-Scientific Methods of Research

European Researcher. Series A, 2016, Vol.(105), Is. 4, pp. 196-207.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2016.105.196CrossRef

The article analyzes three philosophical problems of science: the concept of the scientific method, the structure of the contemporary methodology of science and the status of general- scientific methods of cognition. Substantiates the following provisions: (1) the term "method of science" does not have a single denotation, and refers to many different scientific methods that are applied in all fields of science, regardless of their content, as well as at all levels of scientific knowledge; (2) modern methodology of scientific cognition consists of two main parts: description of scientific methods and description specially scientific methods: either a methods of particular area of science (mathematics, logic, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, technical sciences), or a methods of particular level of scientific knowledge (sensual, empirical, theoretical, metatheoretical); (3) a set of general-scientific methods of modern science performs the function of a universal method of science, which was previously given to the different philosophical methods [15].

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1463574407.pdf
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Pedagogical Sciences

2. Pavol Bartík, Ján Kubiš
Attitudes of Primary School Pupils towards Physical and Sport Education

European Researcher. Series A, 2016, Vol.(105), Is. 4, pp. 208-215.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2016.105.208CrossRef

One of the most important roles of spare time physical education is the formation of a positive attitude towards sports activities and sports among pupils. The formation of a positive attitude can play an important role in the matter of a child's healthy lifestyle. Therefore the authors of this article decided to find out what kind of a relationship and an attitude the pupils of primary schools take towards physical education and sports activities in the Detva and Zvolen regions. The authors of this article present the attitudes towards physical education and movement as well as sports activities of 8th grade primary school pupils in the Detva and Zvolen regions as well as to their frequency. The authors discuss which activities among extracurricular or spare-time activities are the most interesting for pupils. According to the results presented in the charts, it is clear that pupils take a positive attitude towards physical education and sports activities. Sports games belong among the most favourite interest groups.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1463574594.pdf
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3. Alexander Fedorov
The Image of the White Movement in the Russian Feature Cinema at the Present Stage (1992–2016)

European Researcher. Series A, 2016, Vol.(105), Is. 4, pp. 216-230.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2016.105.216CrossRef

This article gives the way for hermeneutic analysis of the topic of the White movement in the mirror of the Russian cinema at the present stage (1992-2016). The hermeneutical analysis suggests media text comprehension through comparison with historical, cultural tradition and reality; penetration of its logic; through comparison of media images in historical and cultural context by combining historical, hermeneutical analysis of the structural, plot, ethical, ideological, iconographic / visual, media stereotypes and analysis of media text characters. An analysis of this kind of media texts, in our opinion, is particularly important for media literacy education of future historians, culture and art historians, sociologists, psychologists and educators. Thus, the comparative analysis of plot schemes, characters, and ideology of the Russian feature films of 1992-2016, in varying degrees of affecting the subject of the White movement, leads to the conclusion about the essential similarity of their media stereotypes. Content analysis of screen media texts of 1992-2016 on the topic related to the White movement allows generally to submit their basic narrative schemes.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1463574652.pdf
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4. Barbora Novotná, Michaela Slováková
The Current Problem of School Children – Lack of Physical Activity

European Researcher. Series A, 2016, Vol.(105), Is. 4, pp. 231-238.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2016.105.231CrossRef

In the article, the authors present the survey results of younger school-age pupils’ knowledge of the relation between physical activity and health. The survey was conducted within VEGA Grant Project No. 1/0606/15. The questionnaire investigation on a sample of 540 pupils found that respondents are familiar with and aware of the importance of physical activity for health, however, they are losing interest in sports and recreational activity. The main content of their free-time is playing with friends, playing computer games, and watching television.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1463574713.pdf
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