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Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
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Number 2. (in 2 part) January 25, 2014

Engineering Sciences

1. N. Kasnon, M.A. Othuman Mydin, A.N. Abdul Ghani
Modeling of Flood Water Flow: A Review

A flood is an overflow of water that submerges or drowns land. In general flooding scenario, water levels rise causing areas neighboring water bodies and some road segments in these areas to be flooded and they said two aspects of flooding interest us first, the water body floods reaches a water level higher than normal causing water to flow to the surrounding areas and second, the flowing water interacts with roads, covering road segments. The primary effects of flooding include loss of life, damage to buildings and other structures roadways, and canals. Damage to roads and transport infrastructure may make it difficult to mobilize aid to those affected or to provide emergency health treatment. One of the methods to reduce the velocity of flood water flow across road is to design obstacle objects as diffuser and places it along beside road shoulder. The velocity of water flow will depends on the diffusion pattern of water. The pattern of diffused water will depends on the design of the obstacle objects. This paper will review the impacts of flooding and modeling to protect road flooding.

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2. Md Azree Othuman Mydin
Models for Prediction the Strength and Stiffness of Foamed Concrete at Ambient Temperature

Since the foamed concrete employed in this study used the same Portland cement as in normal weight concrete for which a number of strength models have been developed, this paper is intended to assess whether any of these models would be suitable for foamed concrete. The aim of this investigation is to propose a model to predict the strength and stiffness of foamed concrete, based on existing mechanical property predictive models. This model is expected to assist manufacturers and future researchers to develop improved products with reduced cost of experimentation. Whilst full-scale tests to regulatory standards will still be necessary for final accreditation purpose, much of this may be avoided by developing a method to predict the strength and stiffness of foamed concrete at ambient and elevated temperatures during the development stage.

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Economic Sciences

3. Aleksei V. Kuznetsov
Russian Multinationals FDI Outflows Geography: the Emerging Dominance of Greater Europe

Moderation of Russian MNEs capital outflows has recently become a severe problem for the Russian economic policy regulatory, which are now in a great need of the real picture of the Russian outward foreign direct investment (FDI) geography without distortions by official statistics with its data on indirect FDI via offshores. This datum clearly depicts the dominance of European vector in the Russian outward FDI geography. At the end of the article, some measures for regulation of FDI outflows are offered for diversification of the Russian outward FDI orientation. Bilateral investment and double taxation treaties are main measures of institutional support and state insurance of investments discussed as a key element of support for mature projects abroad.

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4. Ensar Mekić, M. Kürşad Özlen
Acceptance of Smartphones by Users in BiH Through Extended Technology Acceptance Model

The main objective of this research paper is to measure acceptance of Smartphones and empirically identify factors which are crucial influencers for Smartphone acceptance. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is extended by adding two additional variables, “Perceived enjoyment” (PE) and “Security and privacy” (SP). Survey has been prepared based on variables and measuring items retrieved from literature review, and one hundred and forty nine Smartphone users were surveyed. According to results, users of Bosnia and Herzegovina are slightly agreeable when it comes to all variables except security and privacy. This study is important insight not only for companies operating in market of Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to factors that influence people to use Smartphones, but also for mobile oriented companies outside of country with potential to enter Bosnian market. Limitations of this work are too general sample with no specific target group of people, and small sample size. Therefore, this work could serve as stimuli for new researchers to do similar research but with improved sample aspects.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1391336796.pdf
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5. Seyfaddin Sabir Samandarov
The 20-30s of the 20th Century as a Specific Stage in the History of Development of the Political Economy Science in Azerbaijan

The article has been dedicated to discussions on the subject of political economy in the 20s-30s of the 20th century. Special division of political economy, political-economic understanding of socialism and the system of appropriate principal theoretical propositions formed namely in the 20s-30s of the 20th century. However, the process was accompanied by various polemics and discussions and found its “solution” only after administrative interventions to scientific approaches. The purpose of appealing to historical facts in the article is to draw attention to negative impacts when theoretical approaches are defined not on the basis of objective factors, but according to subjective factors.

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Philological Sciences

6. Alexandra A. Vorozhbitova, Gaukhar I. Issina
“Linguistic and Rhetorical Picture of the World” of Collective Linguistic Personality as the Basic Discourse-universe of Ethnocultural and Educational Space

The article substantiates and discloses the category of "Linguistic and rhetorical (LR) picture of the world", which is postulated as a universal of discursive level. Its principles of rhetorical hierarchization of value judgments, generated from linguistic units at different levels, forms the basic discourse-universe of ethnocultural and educational space in which a collective linguistic identity of a particular ethnic group operates and develops. In the process of intercultural communication the overlap of LR pictures of the world of all languages’ representatives occurs; the understanding takes place on the basis of integrated essential features, universal core of value hierarchy (achieving of communicative effect), distinctive features are becoming the determinants of different types of barriers (private manifestations of communication failure).

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1391337024.pdf
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Political Sciences

7. Andrius R. Malinauskas
Turkey-Armenia Relations After 2008

The conflict between Armenia and Turkey is an important factor which hinders economic development, worsens the prestige and successful foreign policy of these two countries. However, year 2008 marked positive shifts in Turkey-Armenia relations which started with football diplomacy and therefore provided hopes that after tense past, it is possible to normalise relations. The aim of this study is to analyse development of relations between Armenia and Turkey after 2008 and the possibilities that relations can be normalised in nearest future.

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Cultural Studies

8. Alexander Fedorov
Media Education in Russia: Past and Present

Within the framework of conferences the reports directly concerning questions of media education, problems of the organization of multimedia databases, electronic libraries, and mediateques in libraries for children and youth were heard. Important objective for Russian media educators is to open (get it registered by the Russian Ministry of Education and Sciences) a new university major speciality (major) “Media Education” within the framework of which it will be possible to prepare professional media educators for universities and schools. Within the context of increasing interest to media education worldwide, the UNESCO program’s support, recent developments such as the introduction of a pre-service teacher training, and the systematic publication of a journal, media education has good prospects in Russia.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1391337160.pdf
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9. Alexander Fedorov
Media Education Literacy in the World: Trends

Taking into account the fact that UNESCO defines media education literacy as the priority field of the cultural educational development in the XXI century, media literacy has good prospects in Russia. We can also see the fast progress of media education in other Eastern European countries. For example, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic (since the beginning of the XXI century) became the first European country to introduce obligatory media education courses in secondary schools. Summing up, at the beginning of the XXI century media education in the leading world countries has reached the mass scale, supported by the serious theoretical and methodological research. However media education is still not equally spread in all of the European, African and Asian countries.

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