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European Researcher. Series A – международный научный журнал по социальным наукам

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Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 3. (in 3 part) February 27, 2013

Biological sciences

1. Tatiana P. Yudina, Elena V. Sorokina, Mikhail M. Mazhul, Vadim S. Danilov
Determination of Silver Ions Toxicity in Short-Term and Long-Term Experiments Using a Luminescent Recombinant Strain of E. coli
Number of views: 1178      Download in PDF

Engineering sciences

2. Ali Salajegheh, Elham Forootan, Mohammad Mahdavi, Hassan Ahmadi, Forood Sharifi
Estimation of Small Rainfall Events Impact on the Urban Runoff by Analytical Model
Number of views: 1012      Download in PDF

3. Siti Solehah Mohamad Sanusi, Md Azree Othuman Mydin
Heritage Building Roof Element Conservation: Penang Old Town Hall Case Study
Number of views: 1151      Download in PDF

Historical sciences

4. Pavol Tisliar
Ethnicity and the Population of Slovakia Between 1919 and 1940
Number of views: 1237      Download in PDF

Economic sciences

5. Olga A. Slobodchykova
Model of Enterprises Restructuring
Number of views: 1047      Download in PDF

6. Nemanja Tomić, Rastislav Stojsavljević, Igor Stamenković, Dejan Berić
The use of Geothermal Energy Resources in the Tourism Industry of Vojvodina (Northern Serbia)
Number of views: 1255      Download in PDF

Philological sciences

7. Vladimir Bilovesky
Does Integrating Europe Need Polylingualism and Multiculturalism?
Number of views: 1130      Download in PDF

8. Gaukhar I. Issina, Oxana Yu. Mechsherskaya
Gender Stereotypes in the Language Picture of the World
Number of views: 1377      Download in PDF

9. Fazira A. Kakzhanova, Samal Z. Ashimkhanova
Similarities and Differences of Kazakh and English Infinitives
Number of views: 1064      Download in PDF

10. Anash Ramazanova, Bektursyn Kaliev, Zhanar Ramazanova
The Role of legal English in Kazakhstan
Number of views: 1231      Download in PDF

Pedagogic sciences

11. Nilufar Z. Abidova
Peculiarities of the Formation and Development of Vocabulary in Children with Vision Disorders
Number of views: 1198      Download in PDF

12. Engin Karadağ
Typology of Analytical Errors in Sampling Method: An Analysis of the 2003-2007 Education Science Dissertations in Turkey
Number of views: 1093      Download in PDF

Sociological sciences

13. Theresa Tenneh Dick, Jianzhong Gao
The Potential of Women’s Organization for Rural Development in Sierra Leone
Number of views: 1216      Download in PDF

Cultural studies

14. Alexander V. Fedorov
The Image of the West on the Soviet Screen in the Era of the “Cold War”: Case Studies
Number of views: 1115      Download in PDF

15. Marina V. Mezhova
Civic Literacy in the Space of Intercultural Communication
Number of views: 1063      Download in PDF

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