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European Researcher. Series A – International Journal of Social Science

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Publication frequency – once in 3 months.
Has been issued since 2010.

Number 1. (in 2 part) May 15, 2014

Biological Sciences

1. Alevtina N. Danilova, Aydar A. Sumbembayev
Resource Evaluation of Production Massifs Agropyron Pectinatum at Kalbinsky Ridge

The article presents resource estimation of production massifs of different associations of Agropyron pectinatum at Kalbinsky Ridge and recommendations for priority ecotypes introduction for economic turnover. As a result of the study of A. Pectinatum within Kalbinsky Ridge (outskirts of Selo Granitnoe, Selo Zhanuzak, Selo Suykbulak, Aktau Mountains in Taldy Mountain Area (Selo Algabas)) throughout 2013, 5 groups of production ecotypes by type of morphological and economic activity were determined. The best high yield feeding ecotypes are recommended for introduction and further selection work.

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Engineering Sciences

2. Lyudmila V. Gorbatova, Alla V. Oleinikova
Models and Standards of Automated Information System (AIS) Estimation for Efficient Training Process

The article is focused on the topical problem of higher educational institution management on the basis of information technologies. This work analyses the program product, used for the efficient training process, gives comparative assessment of different criteria of automated information systems, used in higher educational institutions, presents models and standards of AIS efficiency estimation.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1401432690.pdf
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3. Normahmad Ravshanov, Bozorboy Palvanov, Gulnora Shermatova
Mathematic Model of Technical Process of Heavy Mixtures Classifying on the Basis of Dispersion of Particles Flight Path

The article presents mathematic model and results of computer calculations of heavy mixtures classifying and farm crops full seeds selection. They enable to determine major process parameters and variation range, providing maximum dispersion of particles flight path, depending on feedstock modules.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1401432794.pdf
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Economic Sciences

4. Mihail N. Dudin
Innovative Development Path as a Form of Business Enterprises’ Activity Boost

The innovative development problems solution demands activation of the strategic management of small and medium business enterprises’ continuity, based on the use of a number of intensifying factors, in which innovations is the most important one. In this context innovations can act both as a means of support of strategic continuity and competitiveness of small and medium business enterprises and as a driver of national social and economic development. The research is topical due to the fact that the development and implementation of the development model can have positive effect on the development of a single enterprise and the national economy as a whole. This article reflects economically and socially important problems of major and economic activity boost of the domestic business enterprises. The article justifies the fact that the implementation of the innovative development model is important and prospect trend of major activity of business enterprises’ boost.

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Philosophical Sciences

5. Elizbar Elizbarashvili
The Attempt to Overcome Time Dynamic Theory in the Concept Of Eternal Return

The article discusses the various variants of time rotation eternal concept, and how it was directed to overcome time dynamical theory. The article describes time cycle theory in the period of the Vedas, antiques philosophy and Nietzsche’s philosophy. The article highlights three major features of the time dynamic theory but none of them is finally overcame in time cycling concept. It is concluded that the time dynamic theory is theoretically not established.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1401432960.pdf
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6. George Sibashvili
Value Essence

Value is addressed notion and refers to someone, who values something. It is deigned for someone, for a party, for a man. The other understanding of value would be unscientific, false. The value, understood in such manner, exists in the form of man’s goals and ideals.

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Philological Sciences

7. Nazilya Abduova
Shortenings of Nominative Case in Kazakh Language

The article features word-formative opportunities in Kazakh language. A due attention is paid to abbreviations in Kazakh language, its word-formation mechanisms and functionality. The research is conducted on nominative parts of speech, because this method is mostly applicable for nouns.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1401433104.pdf
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8. Seda Asaturova, Nuno Geldiashvili
Use of Synonymic Rows in Russian and Georgian Prose (A. Chekhov and D. Kldiashvili’s Stories Case Study)

Lexicology research is topical nowadays. In this context synonymic vocabulary is worth studying. The subject of our research is synonymic rows, having common features, used by the writer together, in one particular context and staying within the line. Anton Chekhov and David Kldiashvili have managed to create highly artistic literary works by rich synonymic resources of Russian and Georgian languages and correct selection of words and phrases.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1401433187.pdf
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Pedagogical Sciences

9. Jannur B. Asetova, Karlygash T. Analbekova
Theatric and Play Activity as a Means of Primary Schoolchildren Aesthetic Education

The article deals with theatric and play activity in primary school, considers educational potential of theatrical games, their classification, highlights the principles of theatric and play activity, work practices with primary schoolchildren, cites the examples of theatrical games.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1401433276.pdf
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10. Almagul T. Ermuratova
Model of Cognitive Readiness of Musical Education Students

The article features scientific studies on cognitive readiness of musical education students. The author, in the course of his study, focuses on ideas and experience of folk pedagogy. In the course of the study, the author determines criteria and elements of cognitive readiness. The key achievement of the article is an identification of three possible levels of students’ cognitive readiness. The author concludes that establishment of cognitive activities of future music teachers, comes from their knowledge pedagogical principles, pedagogical principles of educational unity, fostering and development of human being, consistency and sequence, identification of pedagogical approaches with regard to individual peculiarities of students and professional pedagogical interaction between teachers and students.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1401433339.pdf
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11. Lyudmila V. Malygina
The Dynamics of the Physical Training of Students During Their Studying At The University

The article considers the dynamics of students’ physical fitness in the course of education in higher educational institution. The features of the dynamics of students’ physical fitness from one course of studies to another are determined in the accordance with the results of compulsory tests. The variation value of educational tests results, expressed in relative figures is presented. It enables to compare progress of students with different fitness level. The features of dynamics of physical fitness of young males are compared with the ones of young women. The plan to optimize physical training classes with students during the whole period of education in higher educational institution is offered.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1401433410.pdf
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12. Sergey G. Stepanov, Tamara G. Ippolitova, Natalia A. Mamadalieva
About a Program “The Development of the Contents and the fulfillment of the conditions for the realization of the educational program “A Young Ecologist of Kuban” as a regional component for Main Educational Program (MEP)”

To fulfill all the main tasks of educational development claimed by the Concepts of the long-term social-economic development of the Russian Federation up to 2020, and also by the Strategy of the of the social economic development of the Krasnoyarsky region up to 2020, and also Municipal program of Sochi “The development of the educational branch of the city of Sochi” for 2014-2016 based on the Municipal preschool educational government-financed establishment of a kindergarten of a combined type №67 a Project “ The development of the contents and creation of the conditions to fulfill the educational program “ A Young Ecologist of Kuban” as a regional component of the educational program of the main educational program” is being developed and adopted. When the experiment is finished a program of the ecological education will be fulfilled and adopted, which will take into account the system-related approach to fulfill the FSESPE that wil allow to reach the following results: - to form educatees’ educational results based by the FSES; - to build a system of a non-stop education on the levels of PE-primary school; - to establish a net communication between educational and science organizations of Sochi.

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Medical Sciences

13. Sergei V. Kharitonov
The Theory of Dynamics of Living Systems Activity in Interpersonal Interaction

The work deals with the study of the dynamics of the interaction between people. The theoretical basis of the research is the model of the dynamics of living systems activity, stating the existence of three phases of systems dynamics: termnet, affinity and involvement. The equivalents of these phrases in interpersonal communication are the following: prudence during interaction (equivalent to termnet phase), readiness to avow one’s goals (equivalent to affinity phase), readiness to plan united actions (equivalent to involvement phase). The goal of the research is to study the process of interaction between two persons from the perspective of the theory of dynamics of living systems activity. The participants were offered to enter into agreement during an hour. The time limit of their dialogue had three 20-minute periods. The level of prudence, readiness to discuss goals and plan united actions were estimated every three time segments, using visual-analogue scale. The research was conducted in the group, involving 42 people. The obtained results showed that the communication structure, projected by the theory of dynamics activity seems to be convincing and can be used to describe communicative interactions.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1401433625.pdf
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14. Sabit S. Shorin, Ryszhan E. Bakirova, Gulmira A. Tusupbekova, Anar M. Rahmetova, Asel S. Kudarinova
Hygienic Disorders of People’s Health Living in Regions with Poor Environment

The goal of the study: the complex hygienic assessment of water use by people who live in Aral Sea Region. In the course of the study the correlation link between general morbidity rate and the level of mineralization was set. This includes chloride content (r=0,8), sulfates (r=0,7), quantity of dry residue (r=0,9).

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1401433786.pdf
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15. Sabit S. Shorin, Ryszhan E. Bakirova, Anar M. Rahmetova, Gulmira A. Tusupbekova, Gulbanu S. Ashimkhanova
Clinical-Functional State of Respiratory Organs of Chemical Production Workers

The clinical-functional research has allowed to identify the functional state of respiratory organs of production workers. The pathology is formed through stages (healthy –unhealthy individuals).

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1401433985.pdf
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Psychological Sciences

16. Sergei V. Kharitonov, Sergei V. Tashevsky
Dynamics and Structure of Dispute in Open Group of Facebook Social Networking Service in Terms of Teenagers’ Homosexual Relations Education

The article considers the results of discussions in the group of Facebook social networking service, dealing with the problem of teenagers’ homosexual relations education. The goal of the research is to study the dynamics of the dispute in Facebook social networking service on the example of the closed group “Teenagers’ Sexual Orientation”. As a whole, 72 people participated in the discussion, involving both representatives, sharing the views of the LGBT community, concerning homosexual relations and teenagers’ heterosexual parents. As a result of the dispute, conducted within Facebook website 230 comments were left. Resulting from the content analysis of the message texts, the estimation of a number of parameters was made. The estimation showed that the parties of the virtual discussion are in deficit of decisions in terms of virtual disputes conduct. The declared wish to argue out doesn’t lead to the real activity, relevant to evidence-based disputes. Thus, we can consider that the participants of the virtual discussion are in deficit of the decisions in terms of virtual disputes conduct.

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Sociological Sciences

17. Olga V. Martynenko, Olga V. Kremer, Irina V. Solodovnikova, Elena G. Klyuyeva, Julia K. Shakirova
The Study of Second Higher Education through Mathematical Statistics

The article deals with the statistic reasons, age and wages of people who get the second higher education. People opt for the second higher education mostly due to many economical and physiological factors. According to our research, the age is a key motivator for the second higher education. Based on statistical data the portrait of a second higher education student was drawn.

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18. Anatoly M. Nickanorov, Olga S. Reshetnyak
Risk of Mouth Ecosystems Pollution of the Major Rivers of Russia

Вased on the long time (1980-2012) of hydrochemical and hydrobyological data collected by the State Supervision Service (SSS), the assessment of ecological risk of major Russian rivers: Volga, Don, Lena and Kolyma was conducted. The environmental risk of human intervention on mouth ecosystems is considered as a probability of negative changes. For all researched mouth ecosystems, the human intervention effect is reached through the enhance of human intervention regress of aquatic organisms, which serves as an ecological level identifier: low level stands for Volga and Don rivers, middle for Lena and Kolyma.

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