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European Researcher. Series A – International Journal of Social Science

E-ISSN 2224-0136

Publication frequency – once in 3 months.
Has been issued since 2010.

Number 2. (in 2 part) August 18, 2012


1. Nikolay A. Bityukov, Nina M. Pestereva, Lev M. Shagarov
GIS-based Environmental Monitoring of Montane Forest Ecosystems in Protected Areas
Number of views: 1282      Download in PDF

2. Nina M. Pestereva, Yaroslav A. Martynov
State-Private Partnership and Personnel Preparation for Earth Monitoring From Satellites: Problems and Prospects
Number of views: 1051      Download in PDF

Political sciences

3. Peter Chajka, Rastislav Kazansky
Population Growth as a Non Military Aspect of Current Demographic Problems
Number of views: 1043      Download in PDF

Art History

4. Olga-Lisa Monde
Jukebox-Musical: The State and Prospects
Number of views: 1441      Download in PDF

Medical sciences

5. A.I. Ahmetzhanova, S.N. Atikeyeva, A.K. Auyelbekova
Medicinal Plants, Containing Cardiac Glycosides and Their Distribution
Number of views: 1412      Download in PDF

Legal sciences

6. Igor N. Polovtsev
Russian Rules of Restoration. Obligatory or Recommendatory Document?
Number of views: 997      Download in PDF

7. Jiydegul Alymidin Kyzy
A Comparative Study of Compliment Responses in Russian and Turkish
Number of views: 1520      Download in PDF

Philological sciences

8. Seda Asaturovi, Tamar Mikeladze, Manana Napireli
The Comparative Analysis of Perfect in German, English and Old Russian
Number of views: 1400      Download in PDF

9. İnci Polat, Hanifi Murat Mutlu
The Impacts of Market Orientation, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Environmental Uncertainty and Internationalization Speed on Firm Performance
Number of views: 1475      Download in PDF

Economics sciences

10. Mykola M. Vuitsiv
Expanding Internal Control Functionality Scope
Number of views: 2188      Download in PDF

Historical sciences and archaeology

11. Alica Kurhajcova
Relationship between memory and identity on the example of 15th March celebrations in Banská Bystrica (end of the 1880´s – 1914)
Number of views: 1006      Download in PDF

Agricultural sciences

12. S. Nyamdorj, V. Batbaatar, J. Erdenebaatar, Yang Zheng Qi
An Epidemiological Situation of an Animal Brucellosis in Mongolia
Number of views: 1093      Download in PDF

Technical sciences

13. Rushan Ziatdinov, Kenjiro T. Miura
On the Variety of Planar Spirals and Their Applications in Computer Aided Design
Number of views: 3245      Download in PDF

14. Aiman E. Konkabaeva, Sabina S. Kozhuhova, Rakhat T. Bodeeva, Assyl S. Kokenova
Indices of External Respiratory Function Among Students
Number of views: 931      Download in PDF

Biological sciences

15. Aiman E. Konkabaeva, Sabina S. Kozhuhova, Rakhat T. Bodeeva
Assessment of Tension of the Students’ Organism Regulatory Systems during the Initial Period of Study at the University
Number of views: 828      Download in PDF

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