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European Researcher. Series A – International Journal of Social Science

E-ISSN 2224-0136

Publication frequency – once in 3 months.
Has been issued since 2010.

Number 1. (in 1 part) July 16, 2012

1. R. Ziatdinov, S. Musa
Rapid Mental Сomputation System as a Tool for Algorithmic Thinking of Elementary School Students Development
Number of views: 1009      Download in PDF

2. Ömer Faruk Sözcü, Melis K. Asanaliev
Educational Technology of Estimation of Independent Cognitive Activity Results of Students in the Course of Computer Science Study
Number of views: 841      Download in PDF

Pedagogical science

3. Olaniyi Oladimeji Bola, Oyeronke Olufunmilola Ogunlade
Accessibility and Utilization of Internet Service by Graduate Students in University of Lagos, Nigeria
Number of views: 783      Download in PDF

4. Sh. Mazhitayeva, Zh. Talaspaeva, A. Tazhikeyeva
Connotation of Color Namings in Kazakh Language
Number of views: 1092      Download in PDF

5. Sh. Mazhitaeva, B. Ayazbayeva, Zh. Rapisheva
Non-verbal Means in Cross-cultural Communication
Number of views: 1149      Download in PDF

Philological Sciences

6. N.N. Fedorova
Antonymy in L.Ulitskaya’s Story ‘Writer’s Daughter’
Number of views: 935      Download in PDF

Economic sciences

7. Nino Roistomashvili
The Caucasian Triangle (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia) – Tourism Development and Threats to General and Distinctive Interests
Number of views: 946      Download in PDF

Historical sciences and archaeology

8. N.F. Bugay, V.G. Chebotareva
Germans: 250 Years in Russia
Number of views: 1106      Download in PDF

9. Andrea Maria Vaca Lucero, Xianli Xia
Organizational innovation on the growth of farmers’ income in Ecuador
Number of views: 826      Download in PDF

Agricultural sciences

10. V.P. Kalinichenko, M.M. Kodzoev, A.M. Tochiev, B.B. Mamilov, M.A. Bazgiev
Soil Ecosystem Management in Birdlime Utilization
Number of views: 835      Download in PDF

11. V.Ya. Tsvetkov
Semantic Information Units as L. Florodi’s Ideas Development
Number of views: 870      Download in PDF

Engineering science

12. Yu.F. Kozlov, Yu.A. Chaplygin, S.P. Timoshenkov, V.I. Grafutin, E.P. Prokopev
Possible Synergetic Approaches to the Explanation of Nanomaterials High Properties
Number of views: 863      Download in PDF

Chemical sciences

13. S.A. Buimova, A.G. Bubnov
Environmental Risk Assessment of Spring Waters Use
Number of views: 1002      Download in PDF

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