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European Researcher. Series A – International Journal of Social Science

E-ISSN 2224-0136

Publication frequency – once in 3 months.
Has been issued since 2010.

Number 1. (in 1 part) January 15, 2012

01.00.00 Physics-mathematics sciences

1. Normahmad Ravshanov, Borat Abilkasimov, Nozim Kurbonov
The Model and Numerical Algorithm to Research the Filtration Processes in Porous Media Taking Into Account the Phase Transitions of Multicomponent Mixtures
Number of views: 913      Download in PDF

2. Victor G. Zavodinsky, Alexander I. Khanchuk, Elena A. Mikhailenko
Towards to Extraction of Nanodispersed Noble Metals From Natural Black Graphite Shales
Number of views: 1067      Download in PDF

05.00.00 Engineering science

3. Vyacheslav V. Zharkov
Surface Run-off as a Source of Water Supply in a Desert
Number of views: 913      Download in PDF

4. Vyacheslav V. Zharkov, Annaniyaz D. Yagshimuradov
Methods of Removing Limescale of Compound Composition from the Surface of Heat-Exchange Appliances. Use of Descaling Liquids
Number of views: 1040      Download in PDF

5. Bahrom E. Yuldashev, Ismatulla K. Huzhaev, Malohat A. Kukanova
Calculating the “pressing force” in a Sircular Gas Pipeline with two Inlets and One Outlet
Number of views: 1018      Download in PDF

07.00.00 Historical sciences and archaeology

6. Sergey A. Nekrasov
Ways of Communicating Information on Space Systems
Number of views: 988      Download in PDF

7. Vladimír Varinský
Anti-communist Activities of the Exile White Legion and its Operation by the State Security in Slovakia
Number of views: 1126      Download in PDF

08.00.00 Economical sciences

8. Vladimir Yu. Konyukhov, Tatiana Yu. Krasikova
The Role of the University and the Innovative Research-educational Cluster in the Formation and Development of Innovative National System
Number of views: 1062      Download in PDF

13.00.00 Pedagogical sciences

9. Liudmila N. Polunina
“The Century of Education” in Germany: to the History of Establishment of National Education System
Number of views: 963      Download in PDF

14.00.00 Medical sciences

10. Leonid S. Khodasevich
Medical Forum. The Territory of Health. Sochi 2011
Number of views: 1043      Download in PDF

23.00.00 Political sciences

11. Rastislav Kazanskэ
The Role of National Identity in Integration Processes
Number of views: 873      Download in PDF

24.00.00 Cultural studies

12. Aishat A. Gadjieva
Ethnic Self-Identification and Musical Traditions of the Rural Population of the Russian-Belarus Border Areas
Number of views: 891      Download in PDF

13. Oleg M. Gerasimov
The Mari Folklore Heritage: currant state
Number of views: 882      Download in PDF

34.00.00 Biology

14. Sergey A. Nekrasov
Biophysical Impacts of Space Origin
Number of views: 1036      Download in PDF

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