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Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 1. (in 2 part) September 18, 2014

Сhemical Sciences

1. Agadadsh Makhmud Aliyev, Zumrud Abdulmutallib Shabanova, Fikret Vakhid Aliyev, Alla M. Guseynova
Zeolites Modified Metal Cations as Catalysts in Hydrocarbon Oxidation and the Alkyl Alcohol

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(82), № 9-1, pp. 1564-1590
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.82.1564CrossRef

The results of studies on the creation of highly metalltceolitnyh systems and the study of their catalytic activities in the oxidation of lower olefin hydrocarbons (ethylene to acetaldehyde, acetone, propylene, butylene methyl ethyl ketone); aliphatic C1-C5 alcohols to their corresponding aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids and carboxylic acid esters; oxidative dehydrogenation of naphthenes in the alicyclic diene hydrocarbons and the oxidative dimerization of methane to acetylene. It has been established that the selectivity of these catalysts determined optimal combination of metal components with the acidity and the structure of the zeolite. Selected highly effective catalysts for the reactions studied. Based on the results of experimental studies of the kinetics of the reactions of oxidation of lower olefin hydrocarbons and aliphatic alcohols, the oxidative dehydrogenation of naphthenes and oxidative coupling of methane on the synthesized catalysts are represented by their probable stepwise mechanism and kinetic models developed reactions.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1411060057.pdf
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2. Asmat Nizami Kyzy Azizova, Dilgam Bebir Oglu Tagiyev, Omar Mahammad Gyulalov, Khudayar Ismail Oglu Hasanov
Study of Interaction Platinum Salts (Ii) and Palladium (Ii) on the Biologically Active Ligand

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(82), № 9-1, pp. 1591-1599
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.82.1591CrossRef

Studied complexing ability of platinum (II) and palladium (II) with a time of personal gray-oxygen and sulfur-containing ligands donor nitrogens in different taniyah. A combination of functional groups. It is found that the complexation unimportant role nature of the starting metal salts, the pH of the medium, the nature of the solvent and the ratio of reactants. Determine the actual denticity tiodiuksusnoy, tiodipro propionic acid, mercaptoethanol, and bis -- hydroxyethyl sulfide. Discovered that a molecule entering the reaction of cysteamine origin walks splitting S–S communication and the resulting deproto-bined mercamine enter into complexation. In non-aqueous medium splitting S–S communication occurs.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1411060172.pdf
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Biological Sciences

3. Kairzan B. Bekishev, Sabit S. Shorin, Leila S. Shorina
The Impact of Anthropogenic Pressures on Urban Health

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(82), № 9-1, pp. 1600-1610
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.82.1600CrossRef

The article considers the problems of ecotoxicology, in particular, changes of the gonads in both acute and subacute toxicity of industrial dust. Dust complex chemical composition Temirtau has mutagenic effect of time-dependent effects. According to the conducted experimental studies have shown that chronic and acute exogenous intoxications industrial chemical compounds have a direct and indirect influence on the function of the gonads. Study the dust Temirtau, causes moderately expressed changes of spermatogenesis in experimental animals compared to control animals and the violation of the morphological status of spermatozoa.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1411060268.pdf
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Technical Sciences

4. Alexandr A. Lobanov
Digital Simulation in the Geosciences

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(82), № 9-1, pp. 1611-1619
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.82.1611CrossRef

This article provides an analysis of methods for digital modeling in the area of Earth Sciences. The author illustrates the difference between digital modeling in radio communication and that in the area of Earth Sciences. The article examines the integration aspect of digital models, demonstrates the advantages of digital over analog models, and illustrates that digital models are discrete. The author outlines the characteristics of digital modeling and illustrates the logical structure of digital models.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1411060336.pdf
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5. Andrei A. Maiorov
Modern Development of Geoinformatics

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(82), № 9-1, pp.1620-1627
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.82.1620CrossRef

The article analyzes the current development of geoinformatics. It describes the relationship of Geoinformatics and informatics. This article describes the similarity and difference of Geoinformatics and informatics. The article reveals the characteristics and applications of geographic information technologies. It describes the features of geodata, which are the basis of processing and storage in geoinformatics. The article reveals the content of the digital simulation as a special type of modeling. Discloses the use of geoinformatics in management. This article describes the interaction of Geoinformatics and artificial intelligence methods.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1411060402.pdf
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Economic Sciences

6. Mihail N. Dudin, Nikolaj V. Lyasnikov, Aleksandr S. Senin
Economic-Mathematical Modeling of the Impact of the Prime Cost of Products on the Effectiveness of the Activity of Entrepreneurial Establishments

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(82), № 9-1, pp. 1628-1644
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.82.1628CrossRef

Subject/topic. One of the key elements in managing the operating activity of organizations is managing expenditure, since expenditure, which is payments that need to be effected to be able to engage and retain economic resources, is one of the major factors that determine the organization’s financial results, the cost-effectiveness of capital investments, and, ultimately, the cost of the business. Aim/objectives. This work aims to investigate into the impact of the structure of the product’s prime cost on the indicator of the product’s cost-effectiveness. Methodology. In putting this article together, the author employed such methods of analysis as legal, comparative, economic-statistical, and correlational. Inferences/significance. The practical significance of this work lies in that the author fine-tunes the concept and composition of the prime cost of products and establishes equations for simple linear regression between the share of costs in the composition of the prime cost and the level of cost-effectiveness of the product across various types of economic activity in the Russian Federation (RF) in 2012. Knowing the share of costs in the structure of the product’s self-cost across various types of economic activity in the RF in 2012, we shall be able to use the derived models to assess the average level of the product’s cost-effectiveness.

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