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Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 2. (in 2 part) May 25, 2014

Biological Sciences

1. Tea Mchedluri, Tinatin Khokhobasvili, Shorena Karenashvili, Natalia Dalakishvili
Composition of Heavy Metals in the Water of the River Lopota and Floating Silt

Like other small rivers in Georgia, the river Lopota, which is one of the most important left tributaries of the river Alazani, is ecologically less studied. Although, phosphorus - potassium fertilizers containing heavy metals from agricultural lands, leaching sediment , composts made of municipal and household waste are systematically leached into the river Lopota, the composition of heavy metals, copper, zinc, iron, lead, nickel, manganese is lower than it is accepted. This fact is promoted by water pH, under which these metals are hydrolyzed and their main mass is accumulated at the bottom, and the rest of it is absorbed in the floating silt. Therefore, they cannot have a negative impact on self-scouring and ecological condition of the river.

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Engineering Sciences

2. M.A. Othuman Mydin
Evaluation of Active Cooling Systems for Non-Residential Buildings

Cooling systems are an essential element in many facets of modern society including cars, computers and buildings. Cooling systems are usually divided into two types: passive and active. Passive cooling transfers heat without using any additional energy while active cooling is a type of heat transfer that uses powered devices such as fans or pumps. This paper will focus on one particular type of passive cooling: air-conditioning systems. An air-conditioning system is defined as controlled air movement, temperature, humidity and cleanliness of a building area. Air conditioning consists of cooling and heating. Therefore, the air-conditioning system should be able to add and remove heat from the area. An air-conditioning system is defined as a control or treatment of air in a confined space. The process that occurs is the air-conditioning system absorbs heat and dust while, at the same time, cleaning the air breathed into a closed space. The purpose of air-conditioning is to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for human life and to meet user requirements. In this paper, air-conditioning systems for non-residential buildings will be presented and discussed.

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3. M.A. Othuman Mydin
Significance of Building Maintenance Management Systems towards Sustainable Development

Building maintenance management is an organized and effective system of maintenance operations which is set up to deal with problems related to the upkeep of a building. Its goal, aside from locating and remedying a building’s deficiencies, is to effectively minimize the overall costs of maintenance and is also an effort to maximize the gain and benefits from the savings. There are a few factors that influence decisions to undertake maintenance work. The principal goal of maintenance is to protect a building in the early stage of issues as they arise. Some major reasons for maintaining a building include retaining its reputation and value of investments, maintaining the building in a condition which allows it to accomplish its purpose, and presenting a good outer shell. This paper will review and discuss some of the major elements of building maintenance towards achieving sustainable buildings.

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Economic Sciences

4. Ensar Mekić, Ali Göksu
Implementation of ISO 9001:2008 & Standards for Accreditation at Private University in Bosnia And Herzegovina

Main objective of this work is to provide empirical evidence that implementing ISO 9001:2008 and standards for accreditation required by Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance (HEA) is good way to achieve success on the way to improve quality of higher education institution. In analytical part of this paper, mainly descriptive statistics will be used since issue is related to presenting results of measurements conducted by institution over years. List of HEI’s (higher education institutions) indicators of quality will be analyzed over years in order to compare institution’s performance over years after implementing of ISO 9001:2008 and standards for accreditation required by HEA. Data was collected through annual and semiannual reports of HEI conducted from 2009 to 2014. After comparative analysis of data over years, trend line is obvious in following all quality indicators which is great empirical evidence that implementation of ISO 9001:2008 and accreditation standards required by HEA are good way to improve quality of HEI. Main contribution of this work to science is empirical evidence that implementation of ISO 9001:2008 and accreditation criteria of HEA leads to increase of quality at institution level. Also, it is good stimuli for future research, and it provides potential idea of integrating ISO 9001:2008 and accreditation criteria with aim to create unique quality model for HEIs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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5. Muhammed Kürşad ÖZLEN, Nereida Hadžiahmetović
A Keyword Analysis for Human Resource Management Factors

With the constant increasing in technology and education, with development of multinational corporations and frequent changes in economic status and structures, Human Resources become the most crucial, the most reliable and necessary department. Moreover, in many companies, Human Resource Department is the most important department. The main purpose of this research is to mark off top rated factors related with Human Resource Management by analyzing all the abstracts of the published papers of a Human Resource Management journal for the period between the first issue of 2005 and the first issue of 2013. We identified the most frequent categories of the articles during this analyzed period. The literature is reviewed according to the identified factors related to Human Resource Management. If the keywords about Human Resources (35,7 %) is not considered, it is observed that the researches, for the selected period, have organizational approach (39,2 %) (Management, organizational strategy, organizational performance, organizational culture, contextual issues, technical issues and location) and from the individual approach (24,4 %) (Individual performance, training and education, employee rights, and behavioral issues). Furthermore, it is also observed that the researchers (a) mainly give importance to the practice more than the theory and (b) consider the organization more than the individual.

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6. Muhammed Kürşad ÖZLEN, Nereida Hadžiahmetović
The Role of Human Resource Management in Employee Motivation

The main objectives of this study are to present the condition of Human resources management in Bosnian and Herzegovinian companies. Therefore, the developed survey questionnaire is conducted through the employees of Bosnian companies. Data was obtained from surveyed 193 employees, and descriptively analyzed using SPSS software. The results identified low level of human resources management in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It can be suggested that Bosnian companies should develop their human resources strategies and functions and enhance the motivation of their employees in order to get more benefit.

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Philosophical Sciences

7. Omomia O. Austin
Building a Consonance Between Religion and Science: an Antidote for the Seeming Conflict

It is commonly argued by a school of thought that there is no relationship between religion and science. This extreme position has led to a lasting conflict, which has pitched religion against science and science against religion. The attempt in this paper is to articulate the fact that there can be an enduring consonance between religion and science. No doubt, the conflict and debate on the subject of religion and science has taken the front burner in both religious and philosophical discusses. Some scholars have argued that science has no role in religious or theological domain, while others contest that all religious concerns and considerations must be exposed to empirical investigations, and, proven by the dynamics of our intellect or reason. This paper, therefore, attempts to examine how religion and science complement each other. The author applied philosophical, sociological and historical methodology in his research. It is recommended that there is the need for dialogue between religion and science.

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Pedagogical Sciences

8. Elena Bendíková, Lukáš Šmída, Robert Rozim
Level of Posture of Pupils in the Age of Elementary Schools

The article presents primary information about conditions and qualities of posture of pupils in the 4th grades in the cities L. Mikuláš and Ružomberok. In terms of method of data collection, we have chosen standardized method of evaluating posture for clinical and pedagogical practice. We have found that girls (Chí = 12,132; p < 0,1%) as well as boys (Chí = 10,283; p < 0,1 %) have poor postures which we define as III. qualitative group of posture evaluation. Significantly (p < 0,1 %) problematic areas are already defined of the period of life include areas of arms and position of the shoulder blades, as well as the head. Listed partial discoveries are included in the grant: VEGA no. 1/0376/14 Intervention as physical activity as health prevention of Slovak population.

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9. Natalia Popovych
Role of Creative Activity in the Formation of Professional and Personal Experience of the Future Music Teacher

This paper investigated and substantiated the role of creative activity in the formation of professional and personal experience of the future music teacher. It was determined that the creative activity as a complex personality formation acts as a prerequisite and the result of musical and educational activities, provides an unusual approach and creative solution of professional problems. It is proved that the high level of creative activity is determined by positive motivation, strong interest and focus on music and teaching activities, expression of emotions and significant willpower, self-reliance, initiative, imagination, the ability to perform the academic tasks in a non-standard way, and the availability of adequate self-assessment of one’s own musical abilities and professional activities.

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