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Number 2. (in 2 part) February 25, 2014

Engineering Sciences

1. Norrya A. Ali, Ali Akram Qaddoori
The Association of Serum Adiponectin Level with Type Two Diabetes Mellitus in Some Iraqi Patients

Adiponectin is a 244 – amino acid-long polypeptide, that acts as a hormone with anti-inflammatory and insulin sensitizing properties. serum adiponectin level correlates inversely with insulin resistance, and hypoadiponectinemia being is found in subjects with obesity or type 2 diabetes mellitus. The aim of the present study is to study the association of serum adiponectin level with the risk of type two diabetes mellitus. Sixty six diabetic patients and Twenty five controls were enrolled in this study. Adiponectin levels were significantly reduced in T2DM patients than in control group with mean and standard error of 8.98 ± 0.86μg/ml vs. 12.51 ± 1.53μg/ml, respectively. Adiponectin levels were significantly reduced in T2DM patients male with a mean and standard error of 5.58 ± 0.64 μg/ml more than that of female (10.95 ± 1.22 μg/ml).

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1393748900.pdf
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Economic Science

2. Teoman Duman, Mersid Poturak
Marketing Mix Standardization/Adaptation and Export Performance

The standardization versus adaptation of the international marketing strategy (marketing mix) and its relationship with export performance has been a focus of many researchers in last five decades.In existing literature there are many arguments, presented by different authors, favouring standardization, but on the other hand there are also numerous studies that support advantages of marketing mix adaptation. The main purpose of this paper is to develop research propositions for marketing mix standardization/adaptation and its relationship with export performance focusing on firms in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1393748988.pdf
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3. Erkan Ilgun, Ensar Mekić, Emina Mekić
Application of Ann in Australian Credit Card Approval

Nowadays, credit cards became popular in both developed and developing countries. For lenders, more credit card applications mean more complex decision making process. The purpose of this research was to examine how accurate and reliable results Neural Networks (ANN) can provide for Credit Card approval. Research was done using Australian Credit Card Approval Dataset which has interesting mixture of data and 690 instances. Thirty experiments were done using two and three hidden layers, and back-propagation training method. Results indicated high level of reliability and accuracy of 87 % which is good empirical evidence that ANN can be used as reliable tool for credit card approval.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1393749061.pdf
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Pedagogical Sciences

4. Elena Bendíková
Lifestyle, Physical and Sports Education and Health Benefits of Physical Activity

We present the words and opinions concerning health benefits of physical activity that are largely discussed worldwide but less in Slovakia. Our goal is to spread the knowledge of health benefits of physical activities in pupils’ lifestyle and their impact on the development of a new concept of physical and sports education in Slovak schools. The theoretical knowledge is a part of the grant called: VEGA č. 1/0376/14 Intervention Physical Activities Aimed at Disease Prevention of the Population in Slovakia.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1393749142.pdf
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5. Alexander Fedorov
Hermeneutic Analysis of Soviet Feature Films of 1941-1942 on the Military Theme

In the article the author performs a hermeneutic analysis of the cultural context (i.e. investigation of media texts interpretation, cultural and historical factors influencing the views of the agency / author of a media text and the audience) of Soviet feature military films of 1941-1942. The author bears in mind that the hermeneutic analysis of a media text comprehension involves a comparison with a historical, cultural tradition and reality; insight into its logic; comparison of media images in historical and cultural contexts combined with the historical, hermeneutical analyses of the structural, plot, ethical, ideological and iconographic / visual analyses of media stereotypes and media text characters.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1393749193.pdf
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6. Alexander Fedorov
Moscow Media Education Centers for Non-professionals in the Media Fields

The analysis of the basic media education models used in Moscow media education centers has shown that nowadays the synthetic media education models are most typical; they are based on the synthesis of the sociocultural, educational and informational, practical and utilitarian models. And they lean towards the maximum usage of media education potential depending on the aims and objectives; they are characterized by variability, and the capacity to entirely or partially integrate into the education process. The suggested media education technology is based as a rule on blocks or modules of creative and role play/gaming assignments for the teachers to use both in school and out-of-school activities. An important peculiarity of the analyzed models is that they have a wide field of application: schools, universities, institutions of additional education and leisure activity. Media studies may be organized in the form of lessons, optional classes, and special courses integrated into different school subjects, or used in school societies.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1393749242.pdf
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7. Havva Sümeyra Pektaş, Gizem Saygili
An Analysis of Classroom Management Approaches of Teachers: The Case of Turkey

In this study conducted to analyse the classroom management approaches of the teachers a total of 505 teachers working in public and private schools participated voluntarily.In this research in which the relationship of the teachers' classroom management perceptions with various variables is questioned, “The Classroom Management Styles of Teachers Scale” was used as data collection tool. As a result of the reliability analysis done through the data obtained in this study, Cronbach's Alpha coefficient of this 5-point likert scale which consists of 34 items and 3 factors as autocratic classroom management, democratic classroom management and disinterested classroom management was found 0.82.The data obtained from this study were analysed in SPSS 15.0 for Windows Package program. Firstly, One Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was applied to see whether the data follow normal distribution or not. Non-parametric tests were used as the data did not demonstrate normal distribution. Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis H tests were applied to compare the data with respect to variables.To determine the relationship between sub-dimensions, Spearman correlation analysis was used. As a result of the study, it has been identified that attitude of democratic management was affected by many factors while the attitude of autocratic and disinterested classroom management were affected by a small number of factors. This study specifying which form of management is used predominately by whom, will help teachers choose the classroom management style which suits them most.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1393749313.pdf
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8. Tamara Lukić, Nevena Ćurčić, Željko Bjeljac, Milka Bubalo Živković, Bojan Đerčan, Kristina Košić, Ivana Penjišević
Exploration and Exploitation of Mineral Waters and their Influence on the Regional Development – Case Study of a Vrnjacka Spa (Serbia)

Geothermal energy, coal and hydropower are the major resources of Serbia. Serbia has more than 300 mineral and thermo mineral wells and more than 40 spas. Vrnjacka Spa is the most visited spa in Serbia. It is situated in the central Serbia, on the contact of the Goc Mountain and the West Morava valley, e.g. on the 43037’ of the northern latitude 20053’ of the eastern longitude. Using different literature sources, article provides an overview of the past and state of exploration of mineral and thermo mineral waters of Vrnjacka Spa. It explains their importance and influence on the development. The article analyzes the characteristics of thermo–mineral waters in Vrnjacka Spa and the condition and possibilities of their exploitation in different economic branches. Explorations are still contemporary trend in Vrnjacka Spa. There are few new springs. Particular attention is given on the results of questionnaire about future development of Vrnjacka Spa. Results show the following facts. Existence of Vrnjacka Spa and its region depend of wellbeing of mineral and thermo-mineral waters. There are different views of development perspectives. Generally they are differed on the positive and optimist views of young people and other, which belong to elder respondents.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1393749420.pdf
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9. Samal Syrlybekkyzy, Gusman Z. Kenzhetayev, Aliya R. Togasheva, Lyaylim S. Tayzhanova
17-Year Periods of Rising and Falling Water Levels in the Kazakhstan Section of the Caspian Sea

The Caspian is the largest endorheic lake on Earth, situated on the boundary of Europe and Asia, yet it is called a sea due to its sheer size and its seabed that has been formed by oceanic Earth crust. The Caspian Sea has a fluctuating hydrologic regime that causes both sharp drops and sudden increases in its water level. The present article examines the specifics of the relief of the sea floor in the Kazakhstan section of the Northern Caspian which is the most susceptible to underflooding (due to a rise in the water table) during water surges. This article analyses the dynamics of the fluctuating water levels in the Caspian Sea during the period of decreased and increased water levels from 1960 to 2013. It also offers the possible reasons for these changes in the water levels of the Caspian Sea.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1393749519.pdf
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10. Nemanja Tomić, Bojana Kovačević, Nemanja Berber, Nataša Milić
Factors Influencing the Motivation of Young People When Choosing a City Destination in Europe – a Case Study From Esbjerg (Denmark)

This paper examines the motivation factors which influence young people when choosing city destinations in Europe and aims to show if there are any differences in the decision-making process between Danish and international students. Previous research has taught us that the decision to buy a tourism product is a complex process. Therefore, any kind of differences can be essential in developing appropriate marketing strategies for different market segments. The findings of this study indicate that there are seven major factors for young people when choosing a city destination in Europe. Further analysis shows that there are significant differences among several motivation factors when it comes to Danish and international students. The contribution of this study is its indication towards which factors influence city destination choice among young people which will further enable European cities to develop and promote more appropriate and satisfactory tourism products and services for their young visitors.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1393749617.pdf
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