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Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 2. (in 2 part) December 25, 2013

Engineering Sciences

1. Janet Norgaard, Md Azree Othuman Mydin
Fundamental Behaviour of Cold-formed Thin-walled Steel Structures at Elevated Temperatures

Under fire conditions, cold-formed steel loses its strength faster than hot-rolled steel. This is due to enhancement in the strength of cold-formed steel at ambient temperature, but this enhancement diminishing at high temperatures. The loss of strength in cold-formed steel may be 20% higher by comparison with hot-rolled steel. Hot-rolled steel members are generally thick and fail either by local or global buckling (e.g. flexural buckling in column and lateral torsional buckling in beams). In comparison, cold-formed thin-walled members are more prone to local buckling and distortional buckling. With regard to global buckling, thin-walled columns can fail in combined local buckling, distortional buckling with torsional or torsional-flexural buckling, in addition to flexural buckling.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389203723.pdf
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Economic Sciences

2. Dunja Demirović, Tatjana Pivac
Belgrade (Serbia) as an Alternative Site or City of Fashion Tourism

Fashion in Western civilization is one of the most influential phenomena. In many parts of the world fashion tourists are growing in number. It is worldwide known that the “Big Five” “Fashion Capitals” are Paris, London, Milan, New York and Tokyo, but throughout the 20th Century, and in particular from the 1980s onwards, smaller cities, or ‘’Style Centers’’ such as Vienna, Amsterdam, Delhi or Shanghai, have sought to develop their own influence through fashion culture. Could Belgrade be that city? The focus of the paper was to investigate the link between fashion and tourism in Belgrade (Serbia) and its tourism potentials. This paper has revealed a number of challenges in the fashion industry that may be a stumbling block to the development of fashion as a tourist attraction. The conclusion emphasized the fact that Belgrade is not a destination for fashion tourism and will not be in the near future, but there is room for the fashion industry to make a vital contribution to tourism. The research however will also attempt to provide preliminary recommendations for the development of fashion tourist attraction.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389203816.pdf
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3. Ariful Islam, Kazi Tanvir Ahmed, Sreebash Chandra Debnath
Ensuring Food Security and Power Crisis Solution in Bangladesh Through Renewable Sources

Bangladesh is an agro-based country. Its economy is completely dependent on agriculture. Fertilizer is the most important element in cultivation. The raw material which is used to produce fertilizer is natural gas. Natural gas is also the fuel of our major portion of electricity production. In our country there is a large gap between the demand and production of electricity. This gap is increasing day by day. Due to high price of other conventional fuel and reduction of gas reserve government of Bangladesh cannot increase the production of electricity according to its requirement. On the other hand fertilizer production is also reducing due to lack of raw material. As a result government imports fertilizer to fulfill its demand which is creating pressure in the reserve of foreign currency. Cost analysis shows that Fertilizer import cost is 9.33 times higher than Gas cost. In this paper we proposed to preserve the present reserve of natural gas for fertilizer production and suggested that the use of renewable energy should be increased to produce electricity that is our demand.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389203907.pdf
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4. Elaheh Koolaee, Mandana Tishehyar
Glo-regionalism in Energy Cooperation Approaches of the SCO Region

In twentieth century, especially during the Cold War era, the two ideas of Nationalism and Internationalism were the main competitor approaches in different schools of thought in the field of international studies. However, global integration between states and nations from economic, cultural, and communicational aspects has created a new magnificent world which is more integrated and the interests of political units are more incorporated. Based on this new world order, the major rival trends in the world arena are two recent dominant approaches of globalism and regionalism. The appearance of the successful regionalism regimes in Europe and also in the South East Asian region while they have tried to keep their correlations with the global trends, have prepared a suitable model for other regions to construct regional unities in a globalized framework. This paper aims to examine one of the most important issues in the SCO region, - the exploration and transportation of energy - in the framework of the regionalism and globalism approaches. Regarding to this matter, the outlook of the energy cooperation between the SCO countries and the position of the other powerful players in the region will be analyzed. The opportunities and challenges confronted with the producers and consumers of this strategic commodity to achieve energy security in this region also will be discussed.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389204004.pdf
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5. Nemanja Tomić, Rastislav Stojsavljević
Spatial Planning and Sustainable Tourism – A Case Study of Golija Mountain (Serbia)

The goal of this paper is to present and analyze the spatial plan of special purpose for the Golija Nature Park from the aspect of sustainable tourism development. The paper also gives an overview of the existing spatial plan with reference to its drawbacks and also proposes some solutions regarding the use, protection and management of the Nature Park area. A brief disscusion is also given about the development of a sustainable tourism product of Golija through effective spatial planning.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389204090.pdf
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Philosophical Sciences

6. Irina V. Komadorova, Evgeniya V. Kuznetsova
Subject’s Identity in the Process of Communication

The authors of the article note that the problem of identification is especially important at the present stage of civilization, characterized by active processes of globalization and integration and strengthening of communicative-discursive exchange. Identity is a complex and ambiguous phenomenon, complicated by several factors. They distinguish different types of identity, formed and dominant in a particular historical era. They include ethnic identity, linguistic identity, religious identity, national identity, cultural identity, transcendental identity. Also the authors present communication as a condition for the self-identification of the individual.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389204174.pdf
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Political Sciences

7. Dasa Adaskova, Simona Chuguryan, Rudolf Kucharcik
The International Cooperation in the Fight Against the WMD Terrorism

The WMD terrorism belongs to current most compelling security threats. It has its roots yet in the 1970s. The interconnection of the most destructive weapons and terrorist groups ready to cause a large number of casualties and extensive material damage resulted in international efforts and a complex agenda to fight against the security threat. The main aim of the article is to analyse main legal and institutional instruments of the WMD non-proliferation and disarmament regime and to critically assess their contribution to preventing and countering the WMD terrorism security threat.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1389204260.pdf
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