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Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 2. (in 2 part) November 30, 2013

Chemical Sciences

1. Vera E. Sitnikova, Svetlana D. Khizhnyak, Pavel M. Pakhomov
Application of Optical Spectroscopy for Studying the Morphology of Polymer Composites

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2666-2674.

In order to estimate the concentration and size of the scattering particles within the polymer matrix, a spectroscopic method was developed. The essence of this method lies in the analysis of the extinction coefficient of the intensity of radiation in the optical range because of the absorption of light of a polymeric matrix material, and also due to the scattering of light by pores or filler particles. Polymer films with different scattering particles were investigated by UV, and FTIR spectroscopy. It was discovered that in all cases the higher the concentration of the scattering particles in the matrix was, the greater effect of the elastic diffractive scattering was occuring. The comparison of the size of scattering particles matches with the data collected through optical and electron microscopy.

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Biological Sciences

2. Victor M. Nikolskiy, Lyudmila N. Tolkacheva, Aleksey A. Yakovlev, Yanina M. Khalyapina, Tatyana I. Smirnova
Decrease in Environmental Pollution by Complexones as Factor of Biodiversity Preservation

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2675-2680.

Environmental pollution is one of the reasons of loss of a biodiversity. More than 170 countries develop national strategies in the field of biodiversity preservation. Studies by the scientists in different countries showed continuous accumulation of a classical complexon of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) in the World Ocean that leads to poisoning of plankton, fishes, birds and the higher animals. The Ekover firm developed a so-called "The non-use code" where EDTA is ranked as number one. Instead of half measures to restrict the environment-harmful EDTA, we offer radical replacement of this widely used connection by ecologically safe complexones, derivatives of succinic acid (EDDS). They in the conditions of natural dumpings quickly decay under the influence of a sunlight. Timely implementation of such measures will be more effective and less expensive, than inaction or postponement of actions for any later period.

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3. Alexander А. Notov
Dynamics of the Composition and Structure of Flora of Tver Region for 200 Years

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2681-2687.

The composition of the native and alien fractions of flora of Tver region at different stages of development of the region is identified. Dynamics of the composition and structure of flora for the 200-year-old period is analysed. At present, the speed of extinction of native species of flora is lower than the rate of growth in the number of new alien species. Through the example of urbanoflora of the city of Tver it is shown that in the early XXI century the speed of loss of native species and the emergence of new invasive plants became comparable. Monitoring of regional biodiversity is organized.

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4. Alexander А. Notov, Svetlana M. Dementieva, Alexandra F. Meysurova
Methodical Aspects of Comprehensive Biomonitoring

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2688-2699.

On the basis of analysis of monitoring surveys conducted in the upper Volga region, discusses the methodical aspects of biomonitoring. To increase the efficiency of observation appropriate to the traditional floristic and geobotanical approaches complement physico-chemical methods, should be more widely used of FTIR spectral analysis of lichens. Special research is required invasive species and indicator species of indigenous old-growth forest communities.

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Historical Sciences and Archaeology

5. Tatiana G. Leontieva
War and Peace in Tver Province: 1914–1917

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2700-2707.

The article, basing on archive materials, describes events in Tver province in the period from 1914 to the beginning of 1917. Author examines as the First World War circumstances (mobilization and influx of wounded, prisoners of war, refugees) changed habitual rhythm of the province inhabitants life. A special attention is paid to analyses of transformation of religious intentions and behavior of population.

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6. Julia V. Stepanova
The Finno-Ugrians in Upper Volga area in XI–XIII centuries (According to Archeological Matherials)

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2708-2715.

The article is devoted to the content excavation of ancient burial mounds of the Upper XI-XIII centuries and found in them the elements of the funeral rite and costume, such as the orientation of the buried around the world, the types of burial structures and the types of jewelry. Studied the micro-region of concentration of the Finno -Ugric costume jewelry in the Upper Volga: the territory of Konakovo, Kimry, Kashin, Likhoslavl, Bezhetsk, Lesnoe districts of modern Tver region. Identified decorations, as well as certain types of pottery, indicate the presence the natives of the Merya and Muroma lands in this micro-region. Presumably, the tradition of the Finno-Ugric population remained in the area until the XVII century.

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Economic Sciences

7. Valerii M. Kurganov
Competitiveness of Economy and Transport Maintenance of Logistics

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2716-2722.

The interrelation of competitiveness of the country and efficiency of its logistical system is considered. Distinction of estimations of competitiveness by various techniques is shown. The analysis of indicators of transport potential of Russia and of some other countries is carried out. Expert estimations of efficiency of logistics are added by the analysis of the statistical data characterising available transport resources and efficiency of their use

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Pedagogical Sciences

8. Sergey A. Grabelnikov, Sergey V. Komin, Mikhail A. Papin, Olga Ju. Sursimova
The Specific of Swimmers Respiratory Functions age Dynamics in the Process of Long-term Sports Training

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2723-2731.

The article is devoted to the study of age dynamics of swimmers lungs ventilating function after a long-term sport training in comparison with athletes of other sports. In the course of the study it has been revealed that the formation of correlation structure between the volume of respiration and forced respiration indexes in swimmers during the investigated age periods differ from those in athletes of other sports. In particular it was noted the greater amount of expiratory reserve volume is, the less run time of forced expiration and the greater respiratory flow rate in the first phase of forced respiration are. The revealed differences become considerably apparent at pubertal period. The formation of respiratory movements stereotypes in swimmers is assumed to be related with biomechanical features of the undertaken swimming movements.

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Legal Sciences

9. Vladimir V. Vasilyev
The Essence of Civil Law in the Context of Convergence of Private and Public Law

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2732-2738.

The study of law suggests systemic examination of the place of civil law based on trend of convergence of private and public law and of their mutual penetration. The article advocated the conclusion that in the modern world, complicated by processes of globalization and integration, civil law is given a significant function of coordination of private and public practices in the legal regulation. The relationship of economics and law suggests that the process of effective economic growth is possible only as a result of a balance and combination of private and public interests in the law. Private law instruments aimed at creating an effective model of the economy under the conditions of free trade and priority of competition in modern conditions cannot exist in isolation from the public the importance of civil law.

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Philological Sciences

10. Mikhail L. Logunov, Aleksey A. Petrov
Hand-written Folklore Tradition of Tver Region

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2739-2745.

The article reviews folklore and ethnographic field and archival materials of Tver region and also hand-written texts typical for traditional culture of the region. Through the example of archival field records analysis, the article gives grounds for prospects of further studying of national traditions of the area, publishing of the revealed texts and drawing up the regional glossary of the ethnolinguistic dictionary.

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11. Nataliya O. Zolotova, Marina S. Pavlova
Metacognitive Activity in the Context of the Age Dynamics of Verbal Categorization

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2746-2750.

The article deals with the results of the experimental research of children metacognitive activity based on the products of verbal categorization. The experiment was held with the sampling of children in the range from middle to senior school age. The concepts of metalanguage and metacognition are reviewed in terms of psycholinguistics. Metalevel cognition is considered in the context of the operations produced by participants, with regard to categories names, while building a vast categorical network. The results of the experiment are interpreted from the point of view of primary and secondary metacognitive processes taking place in the mind of a child of the age researched.

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12. Lidiy P. Bogdanova, Alexander A. Dorofeev, Alexander A. Tkachenko, Elena R. Khohlova
Evaluating and Monitoring of Ecological Touristic Potential of Central Russia Regions

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(63), № 11-2, p. 2751-2758.

The research is based upon data collected by the authors in all municipal regions of Central Federal Okrug (CFO) with the help of cartographic methods and by analyzing statistical data. The described methodology allowed to give recreational evaluation to some nature components: relief, hydrography, plant cover and the network density of specially protected nature territories and landscape potential of Central Russia. The original method of anthropogenic development of all CFO regions was made. The article gives unique evaluation cartograms recreational potential and degrees of anthropogenic development created by the authors. The evaluations of ecological touristic potential of CFO municipal regions were obtained mapping landscape recreational potential and anthropogenic development. In conclusion characteristics of ecotouristic potential in CFO regions are discussed.

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