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European Researcher. Series A – международный научный журнал по социальным наукам

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Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 2. (in 2 part) August 25, 2013

Economic Sciences

1. Mikhail N. Dudin, Nikolai V. Lyasnikov, Victor L. Polyakov
Business Entities Interaction Development on the Basis of Leasing as a Factor of Corporate Innovative Environment Formation

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2083-2088.

Leasing as the integral process of economic entities’ management has developed in many branches of Russian economy in the last decade. Financial crisis of 2008, lasting till now has made the cost management, using modern methodological background of high priority, the successful solution of which will be a guarantee of firms survival. This paper considers the possibility of leasing use as an instrument of economic entities management efficiency improvement. The article reflects scientific and practical significance of business entities interaction in the course of their operation, using leasing technologies. Prospects of new organizational and economic forms establishment under the current conditions are reckoned. The aspects of new organizations cooperation are considered. The article states that the cooperation effect, using leasing is innovative factor, enabling the use of different resources to ensure stability and competitiveness.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1377776929.pdf
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2. Mikhail N. Dudin, Oleg B. Korolev, Nikolai V. Lyasnikov
Outsourcing Introduction in Production Enterprises

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2089-2095.

In the modern period of competition size and nature change, becoming international in nature, the sustainable development of Russia is of high priority. The most important factor in ensuring sustainable development of the country is the increase of economic entities efficiency and competitiveness through the use of innovative management tools. Aaldersom R., E. Andersonom, S. Wilson, M. Donnellan, E. Jordan, B. Trinkl, JB Heywood and a number of other foreign theorists and practitioners considered outsourcing problems as an innovative tool to improve the efficiency of entities operation. Despite the fact that outsourcing is a relatively new subject of research in the Russian management literature, comprehensive works by B. Anikin, S. Baranenko, S. Kalendzhyan, N. Lyasnikova, E.Platonovoy, I. Rudoy, V. Sinyaeva, etc. have been developed. The abundance of research denotes the importance and topicality of the problem. The article deals with the theoretical and methodological aspects of outsourcing, identifies opportunities of outsourcing use as a tool for the development of strategic competitiveness and sustainability of the national economic entities. The features of efficient interaction between the customer and the contractor in the process of business workflow process delivery for outsourcing are examined and the sequence of relations formation and development between outsourcing subjects is justified.

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3. Elena D. Streltsova, Irina V. Bogomyagkova, Vladimir S. Streltsov
Model of Stochastic Automation Asymptotically Optimal Behavior for Inter-budget Regulation

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2096-2103.

Abstract. This paper is focused on the topical issue of inter-budget control in the structure by applying econometric models. To create the decision-making model, mathematical tool of the theory of stochastic automation, operating in random environments was used. On the basis of the application of this mathematical tool, the adaptive training economic and mathematical model, able to adapt to the environment, maintained by the income from the payment of federal and regional taxes and fees, payable to the budget of the constituent entity of the RF and paid to the budget of a lower level in the form of budget regulation was developed. The authors have developed the structure of the machine, described its behavior in a random environment and introduced the expression for the final probabilities of machine in each of its states. The behavioral aspect of the machine by means of a mathematically rigorous proof of the theorem on the feasibility of behavior and the asymptotic optimality of the proposed design of the machine were presented.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1377777147.pdf
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Pedagogical Sciences

4. Hama Saeed Kardokhy Dara
Formation of Professional Competence of Future Teachers of Fine Arts in the Course of Vocational Subjects Learning

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2104-2109.

The article deals with the results of the analysis of the problem of the formation of professional competence of future teachers of fine arts in the course of vocational subjects leaning. The author proves his that the formation of the professional competence of future teachers of fine arts in the course of vocational subjects learning will be efficient if: 1) organization of the educational process at the university is oriented at the subject nature of the personality, capable of self-identification and self-actualization; 2) creative educational environment is formed and students are provided for reflexive activity; 3) interactive methods of teaching in the course of art and professional training of future teachers of fine arts prevail; 4) the content of professional training of future teachers of fine arts is improved through the integration of the fundamental, psychological, pedagogical and practically-oriented art disciplines as a means of their professional activity formation and development.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1377777238.pdf
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5. Natalya V. Mirza, Alexander Y. Gaak
Modern Aspects of Healthy Lifestyle Formation in Preschool Children

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2110-2114.

The article considers topical issues of healthy lifestyle formation in preschool children. Physical training socializes children. Solving the problems of physical training contributes to the comprehensive education of a child, aimed at physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional development, as well as psychophysical preparedness for work and study at school.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1377777348.pdf
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6. Natalia A. Nastashchuk, Svetlana S. Litvinova, Tatiana S. Moshkareva
Problem of Office Suite Training at the University

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2115-2121.

Te paper considers the problem of office suite applications training, caused by a rapid change of their versions, variety of software developers and a rapid development of software and hardware platforms. The content of office suite applications training, based on the system of office suite notions, its basic functional and standards of information technologies development (OpenDocument Format Standard, ISO 26300-200Х) is presented.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1377777496.pdf
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7. Larisa A. Shkutina, Botakoz A. Zhekibaeva
Psychological and Pedagogical Foundations of Multimedia Technologies Application for School Use

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2122-2127.

The article deals with the topical problem of psychological and pedagogical basis development for the use of new information technologies at university and at school. Features of the use of multimedia technologies were studied, basing on the analysis of scientific works. Multimedia technologies have a number of advantages and possibilities to influence psychological environment of students and the internal processes of educational information processing by the human brain. The advisability of the use of multimedia technologies, enabling to apply all kinds of information, affecting the sensor channels, and summing up in a single image is proved. High didactic possibilities of multimedia technologies, contributing to the performance of cognitive, creative, informational, social, adaptive and other needs of students are revealed.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1377777619.pdf
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8. Aiman F. Zeinulina
Undergraduate’s Research Activity Essence and Logic as a Basis of His/Her Intellectual Potential Formation

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2128-2133.

The article is concerned with undergraduate’s research activity essence and logic as a basis of his/her intellectual potential formation. The author considers the notion “research activity” from the philosophic-cognitive and psychological-pedagogical perspectives, analyses the existing concepts of analysis. The author determines the stages of research activity acquisition by undergraduates, characterizes each stage comprehensively and didactically, concerned with the development of certain competences and determines differences in comprehensive components of scientific-research and research activities.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1377777701.pdf
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9. Botakoz A. Zhekibaeva, Saltanat K. Abildina
Theoretical Foundations of Future Teachers’ Preparedness for Moral and Aesthetic Interaction with Learners

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2134-2138.

The article presents one of the results of scientific research, focused on the theoretical foundations of the formation of future teachers’ preparedness for moral and aesthetic interaction with learners. Due to the fact that the key concept of the research theme is "interaction", basic theoretical philosophic principles, revealing the essence of this phenomenon and its relation to education, which are consistently regarded as categories of social interaction, were used as a basis. Basing on the analysis of scientific works, key characteristics of interaction as a philosophical category were identified: general form of links of any systems; simultaneous existence of objects (subjects); consistency and two-sidedness of links; awareness and goal-orientedness; interdependence of sides change; internal mutual activity of subjects; subject-subject and subject-object relationships within the system.

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Philological Sciences

10. Charidijr Valihanov
Rereading «Eyewitness»

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2139-2143.

This article analyses Gabiden Mustafin’s novel «Eyewitness», which is known to be the highest example of autobiographical genre in Kazakh literature. The author touches upon the range of problems, concerned with the Soviet period, writer’s fate, art analysis, considering conclusions about A. Fadeev’s oeuvre, published later, the novel “Eyewitness” by Gabiden Mustafin.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1377777989.pdf
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Philosophic Sciences

11. Halyna I. Budz
Truth Obviousness in Ancient Greek Philosophy

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2144-2151.

The article examines the features of the axiomatic approach to the truth understanding in ancient Greek philosophy. Truth in the works by ancient philosophers has axiomatic essence, basing on divine origin of truth. As the truth has a divine origin, it is in reality. The reality, created by Gods is the solemn reality. Therefore, understanding of reality by man is the display of divine reality, which is true and clever. In of the context of ancient Greek philosophy, to know truth is to know something, existing in reality, in other words, something, truly existing, eternal reality. Consequently, to know truth is it to know the substantial reality base. That’s why the justification of the reality origin is the axiomatic doctrine of truth at the same time, because only fundamental principle “truly” exists and is the truth itself. The idea of fundamental principle in ancient Greek philosophy is the axiom, universal principle, which is the base of reality as a substance from ontological perspective and is realized as the truth from gnosiological perspective. Fundamental principle, as Greeks understand it, coincides with the truth, in other words, reality and thinking are identical. The idea of reality source is the universal criterion of world perception at the same time, in other words, it is the truth, which is perceived axiomatically.

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Legal Sciences

12. Elena V. Ivneva, Irina I. Ukraintseva
Legal Regulation of Trade Activity during Sochi Preparation of XXII Winter Olympic and XI Paralympic Games

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2152-2154.

The article deals with the topical issues of legal regulation of social trade relations in the Russian Federation during Sochi preparation and hosting of XXII Winter Olympic and XI Paralympic Games.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1377778176.pdf
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Medical Sciences

13. Bahyt N. Kosherova, Nazgul Ye. Sarsekeyeva, Dinagul A. Bayesheva
Comprehensive Treatment of Combined Toxoplasmotic-chlamydial Infection in Women

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2155-2158.

The article analyses various modes of comprehensive treatment of patients with combined toxoplasmotic-chlamydial infection. Combined toxoplasmotic-chlamydial infection in 78 examined patients characterized by polymorphism of clinical aspects. The paper presents results of treatment of patients with mixed infection toxoplasmosis + chlamidiosis, which have sequentially received drugs: combined antiprotozoal drug, antibiotics and immunomodulator. The efficiency of combined treatment of toxoplasmotic-chlamydial infection depends on the composite use of etiotropic and pathogenetic therapy.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1377778363.pdf
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14. Tamar K. Zubitashvili
Prospects of Scientific and Geographical Tourism in Kakhetia Region

European Researcher, 2013, Vol.(57), № 8-2, р. 2159-2162.

Georgia is truly considered one of the richest and the most unique country in the world. It is the basic requirement for the development of theoretical and practical direction of scientific tourism. Georgia has diverse, untouched and original landscape, characterized by prominent vertical zonality, contrast-rich natural environment, convenient sea, mountain and balneological resorts, natural and historic sights and diverse etno-culture. Everything, mentioned above can stir the interest of both tourists and geographers of different kinds. There are 11 types of landscapes in Georgia, 8 semi-complex and 7 complex. Natural landscape nodes are grouped in order to determine physiogeographical nodes. Scientific and geographical routes can be planned, using geographical nodes.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1377778451.pdf
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