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European Researcher. Series A – международный научный журнал по социальным наукам

E-ISSN 2224-0136

Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 2. (in 2 part) March 25, 2013

Chemical sciences

1. Tatyana M. Derkach
Application of ICT-based Learning Resources for University Inorganic Chemistry Course Training
Number of views: 1380      Download in PDF

Biological sciences

2. Anton Cherkashin, Jean-Marc Chobert , Natalia Efimochkina, Svetlana Sheveleva, Thomas Haertlé
Antibiotic Resistance of lactic Acid Bacteria Used in Russian Dairy and Probiotic Products
Number of views: 1460      Download in PDF

3. Olga A. Lytovchenko
Structural Modelling of the Chlamydia Trachomatis Major Outer Membrane Protein Provides Insights into Immunogenic Properties of its External loops in Serotypes E and K
Number of views: 1233      Download in PDF

4. Alexandr M. Ponomarenko, Tatyana V. Kostina, Iuliia M. Blyzniuk, Evgeny E. Persky, Michail A.Semenov
Changes Of Hydration Level In Type I Collagen And Glycosaminoglycans Synthesized In The Rat’s Skin Under The Mechanical Stress
Number of views: 1527      Download in PDF

Engineering sciences

5. Valery G. Fetisov, Irina I. Panina
Locally Bounded Function Spaces as the External Environment for Nonlinear Systems
Number of views: 1224      Download in PDF

Agricultural sciences

6. Tossou Myrlene Carine B, Han Xu-feng, Chen Yu-Lin
Effect of Dietary Cysteine Supplementation on Growing Performance, Pelt Quality and Some Serum Biochemical Parameters of Young Rex Rabbit
Number of views: 1540      Download in PDF

Historical sciences and archaeology

7. Galina T. Yedgina
Islam and its Influence on the Kazakh Culture and language
Number of views: 1416      Download in PDF

Economic sciences

8. Nemanja Tomić, Rastislav Stojsavljević, Sanja Božić
Tourist Evaluation of the Electronic Music Festival “Summer3p” (Palic, Northern Serbia)
Number of views: 1523      Download in PDF

Philological sciences

9. Gaukhar I. Issina
Language Images as the Reflection of National Consciousness
Number of views: 1281      Download in PDF

10. Fazira A. Kakzhanova, Gulnur Y. Shynybayeva
Gerund in Old and Modern Kazakh Language
Number of views: 1527      Download in PDF

11. Fazira A. Kakzhanova, Zhannur Ye. Temirkhanova
Translation Technique of Kazakh Infinitive into English (Based on M.Auezov’s Work «The Shot at the Pass»)
Number of views: 1404      Download in PDF

12. Thalia F. Pechherskih, Natalya A. Berkutova
Non-traditional Classification of Bilingualism Notion as a Radial Category Involved into Formation of Multicultural Personality
Number of views: 1536      Download in PDF

Legal sciences

13. Ardak Kapyshev
Legal Status of the Caspian Sea: History and Present
Number of views: 1462      Download in PDF

14. Igor N. Polovtsev
About Correspondence of Status of a Magistrate under the Provisions of the Russian Constitution and the European Charter on the Statute for Judges
Number of views: 1239      Download in PDF

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