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European Researcher. Series A – международный научный журнал по социальным наукам

E-ISSN 2224-0136

Периодичность – 1 раз в 6 месяцев.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 3. (in 3 part) November 30, 2012

Political sciences

1. Elvin Aghayev, Filiz Katman
Historical Background and the Present State of the Russian-Syrian Relations
Number of views: 1987      Download in PDF

2. Bakhytgul A. Zhetpisbayeva, Tatyana Y. Shelestova
Ethnologic Linguodidactic Approach as a Methodological Support for Multilingual Education
Number of views: 1485      Download in PDF

3. Yelena I. Vovk
Cognitive Approach to Language Teaching: Ways of Knowledge Presentation
Number of views: 1953      Download in PDF

4. Alexander V. Fedorov
The Hermeneutical Analysis of the Soviet Fantasy Genre of the 1950s – 1960s and Its American Screen Transformation in Media Studies in a Student Audience
Number of views: 1509      Download in PDF

5. Alexander V. Fedorov
The Analysis of Stereotypes of Politically Engaged Media Texts in Media Studies in Student Audience (by the Example of Renny Harlin’s films “Born American” (1986) and “Five Days of War” (2011)
Number of views: 1860      Download in PDF

Pedagogical sciences

6. Serhiy S. Danylyuk
Internet as a Medium of Formation of Future Philologist’s Professional Competence
Number of views: 1714      Download in PDF

Philological sciences

7. Shara Mazhitaeva, Aigul Abdrazakova, Nurgul Abdrazakova
Ethnolinguistic Peculiarities of Sacred Numbers
Number of views: 1841      Download in PDF

8. Lunani Abiud Simiyu, Xuexi Huo
Determinants of Funds Demand and Supply; Deepening Finance Access of Real Estate Investment in China
Number of views: 1638      Download in PDF

Economic sciences

9. Petr S. Andreev, Galina I. Novolodskaya
Development Questions of Russian-Korean Economic Cooperation
Number of views: 1653      Download in PDF

10. Igor N. Polovtsev
Publication of Technical Documents Required for State Construction Order
Number of views: 1605      Download in PDF

Engineering sciences

11. Mounir M. Kamal, Ahmad R. El-Sersy, Amal A. Nasser, Nancy A. Hassan
Environmental Radiation Hazards of Building Materials
Number of views: 2003      Download in PDF

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