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European Researcher. Series A – международный научный журнал по социальным наукам

E-ISSN 2224-0136

Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 1. (in 2 part) October 28, 2012

Physico-mathematical sciences

1. Eugene P. Prokopev
Positrons, Positronium, Positron and Positronium Complexes in Crystal. Features of Their Properties in Phonon Atmosphere
Number of views: 1309      Download in PDF

Engineering science

2. Vladimir M. Markelov
Application of Geoinformation Monitoring in Logistics
Number of views: 1296      Download in PDF

3. Evgenie N. Peresypkin, Julia S. Peresypkina
Modification of the Solution of Boussinesq Problem for Elastic Half-space under the Effect of the Normal Concentrated Force on the Boundary Line
Number of views: 1244      Download in PDF

4. Normahmad Ravshanov, Bozorboy Palvanov
Model of the Process of Ion-exchange Porous Medium Filtration of the Suspension and its Analytical Solution
Number of views: 1238      Download in PDF

Agricultural sciences

5. Valeriy P. Kalinichenko, Vladimir K. Sharshak, Vladimir E. Zinchenko, Ali A. Zarmaev, Evgeny P. Ladan, Vladimir V. Chernenko, L’udmila P. Il’ina
Long-term Impact of Rotary Method of Soil Mechanical Treatment on Soil Properties
Number of views: 1303      Download in PDF

Historical sciences and archaeology

6. Nikolai F. Bugai
Governor A.N. Tkachev – Integral Competence and Practice…
Number of views: 1283      Download in PDF

7. Vladimir G. Ivantsov
Construction of St. Michael’s the Archangel Cathedral in Sochi (1874–1891)
Number of views: 1584      Download in PDF

8. Svetlana I. Koval'skaya, Aleksandr A. Maksimovich, Vyacheslav I. Men'kovsky
Can History of Central Asia Be Objective: about the Book “From Sintszyan to Khorasan. From the History of Central Asian Emigration of the XX Century” by K.N. Abdullaev
Number of views: 1204      Download in PDF

Economic sciences

9. Ivan P. Danilov, Victor V. Nikitin, Dmitriy V. Bobin
System of Indicators in Social and Economic Estimation of the Regional Energy Efficiency
Number of views: 1307      Download in PDF

10. Ilya A. Romanov
Transaction Costs For Innovations Diffusion
Number of views: 1571      Download in PDF

11. Svetlana V. Titova, Dina R. Matveeva
Organization’s Social Policy as a Major Instrument for Entrepreneurship Social Function Implementation
Number of views: 1195      Download in PDF

12. Viktor Ya. Tsvetkov
Innovations Analysis in Terms of OECD Standards
Number of views: 1229      Download in PDF

Philosophical sciences

13. Maria U. Yatsevich
Methodological Aspects of the Power Discourse in Post-Modernism Philosophy
Number of views: 1420      Download in PDF

Philological sciences

14. Bachyt M. Aitbaeva, Bajan M. Maulenova
Linguistic Expression of the Humor in Satires
Number of views: 1664      Download in PDF

15. Marhaba Tursunova, Zamzagul Zhuyntaeva, Ainagul Kazanbaeva
Peculiarities of Sounds [j], [ш], [ч] in Consonant System of Turkic Languages: Synchronic and Diachronic Aspects
Number of views: 1208      Download in PDF

Pedagogical sciences

16. Roza R. Dauletalieva, Bakhyt E. Atymtaeva
Problems of Teacher’s Professional Competence Development, Using Information Technologies
Number of views: 1266      Download in PDF

17. Shara Mazhitaeva, Janna Balmagambetova, Nadezhda Khan
Competence in Multilingual Education
Number of views: 1560      Download in PDF

Sociological science

18. Ruslan M. Asanaliyev
Personality Value Orientations in Terms of Kyrgyzstan Society Anomie
Number of views: 1303      Download in PDF


19. Kulyash D. Kaimuldinova, Bakhadurkhan Sh. Abdimanapov, Gul'narai M. Sabdenalieva
Geographical Position of South-east of Kazakhstan as a Factor of Population and Region’s Economy Vulnerability to Natural Disasters
Number of views: 1591      Download in PDF

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