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European Researcher. Series A – международный научный журнал по социальным наукам

E-ISSN 2224-0136

Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 1. (in 1 part) November 15, 2011

02.00.00 Chemical sciences

1. Nikolay N. Furman, Vladimir V. Vakor
Undercoat Roughness Impact on Venetian Plasters Adhesive Strength
Number of views: 1248      Download in PDF

05.00.00 Engineering science

2. Murat K. Baimuldin, Asem E. Madenova
Information Security of Distance Learning Automated System
Number of views: 1310      Download in PDF

3. Evgeny М. Тarasov
Informative Features of Rail Lines Conditions Mathematic Models Development
Number of views: 1259      Download in PDF

4. Yuri B. Tebekin, Olga V. Avseeva
Estimated Quality of Multistage Process on the Basis of Probabilistic Approach with Continuous Response Functions
Number of views: 1124      Download in PDF

08.00.00 Economic sciences

5. Sergey V. Arzumanov
Timeshare Technologies Factors, Business Conditions and Results of Development in Russia’s Travel Industry
Number of views: 1285      Download in PDF

6. Natalya А. Derzhavina
Accounting Examination Regulatory Control and Expert’s Legal Status
Number of views: 1225      Download in PDF

7. Natalya А. Derzhavina
Forensic Audit Major Objectives
Number of views: 1239      Download in PDF

8. Ivan V. Evstratov
Energy Efficiency as a Factor of Engineering Product Competitiveness and its Formation on Product Economic Life Cycle Stages
Number of views: 1253      Download in PDF

9. Irina Yu. Grigoreva
International Investment Forum ‘Sochi 2011’ and Sustainable World Business Interest
Number of views: 1165      Download in PDF

10. Alexander V. Kravchenko
Globalization Effects within New Geoeconomic Paradigm
Number of views: 1113      Download in PDF

11. Alexander S. Lobanov
Manager’s Coordinate Systems
Number of views: 1160      Download in PDF

12. Irina N. Markaryan
Methodological Approaches to Management Systems Examination in Terms of Financial Crisis
Number of views: 1255      Download in PDF

13. Alexander S. Varyukhin
Detection of Enterprises’ Modernization Directions
Number of views: 1230      Download in PDF

10.00.00 Philological sciences

14. Alexandra A. Vorozhbitova
Discourse-paradigmatics and Discourse-syntagmatics Categories in Linguo-rhetoric Paradigm
Number of views: 1158      Download in PDF

15. Marina M. Mishina
Verbalization of Vers Libre Discourse Pathos in Modern Books from Linguo-rhetoric Perspective
Number of views: 1449      Download in PDF

16. Anita B. Tikhonova
Logos Aspects of Russian Cosmism as a Special Type of Scientific Discourse
Number of views: 1150      Download in PDF

19.00.00 Psychological sciences

17. Olga A. Kornilova
Socio-psychological Aspect of Marginality Phenomena and Extremism in the Youth Environment
Number of views: 1256      Download in PDF

22.00.00 Sociological sciences

18. Boris A. Tkhorikov
Technology of Municipal Public Heath Service Assessment
Number of views: 1183      Download in PDF

23.00.00 Political sciences

19. Guram O. Darakchyan
Political Extremism in Russia: Historical Background
Number of views: 1158      Download in PDF

20. Olga A. Kryzhanovskaya, Svetlana V. Petrova, Оleg V. Erokhin
Political Nationalism Display in Modern Politics
Number of views: 1203      Download in PDF

21. Svetlana V. Petrova
Caucasus Geopolitics: Modern Trends Conflicts and Development
Number of views: 1114      Download in PDF

25.00.00 Earth sciences

22. Zagir V. Ataev
The Modern Climatic Features of the Mountain-Forest Landscapes of the North-Eastern Caucasus
Number of views: 1322      Download in PDF

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