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European Researcher. Series A – международный научный журнал по социальным наукам

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Периодичность – 1 раз в 3 месяца.
Издается с 2010 года.

Number 1. (in 2 part) May 01, 2011

01.00.00 Physico-mathematical sciences

1. Nikolay A. Baranov
Optimization of the safety cost for technical systems by the criterion of minimum risk
Number of views: 1169      Download in PDF

2. E.A. Demekhin, M.S. Diudin, E.N. Kalaidin
Estimating noise in financial time series
Number of views: 1231      Download in PDF

3. Olga Yu. Gorlova, Victor I. Samarin
Algorithm of probability problems solution in Bernoulli scheme conditions as a block model
Number of views: 1231      Download in PDF

4. Ruben Z. Kamalyan, Samvel R. Kamalyan
About modeling of strong disturbances in a soil mass (on an example of the porous environment)
Number of views: 1404      Download in PDF

5. Ruben Z. Kamalyan, Samvel R. Kamalyan
About the model of impulse compounds of metals
Number of views: 1277      Download in PDF

6. Oleg A. Kozlitin
Rank of output sequence of self-controlled 2-linear shift register
Number of views: 1116      Download in PDF

7. Marina M. Leri, Irina A. Cheplyukova
On one statistical issue for power-law random graphs
Number of views: 1194      Download in PDF

8. Irina N. Maslyakova
Application of bayesian estimation of specialist training with sequential testing
Number of views: 1157      Download in PDF

9. Yury L. Pavlov
On the typical structure of the conditional scale-free random graph
Number of views: 1230      Download in PDF

10. Eugeniy A. Pitukhin, Viktoriya A. Golubenko
Mathematical modeling labor market processes by the example of unemployment
Number of views: 1179      Download in PDF

11. Victor I. Samarin
Practice curriculum analysis-project of resources optimum using into linear programming production planning
Number of views: 1171      Download in PDF

12. Larisa M. Serova, Irina S. Stepus
Forecasting of needs in personnel with higher vocational education in priority modernization and technological development of Russian economy
Number of views: 1107      Download in PDF

13. Arsen R. Simonyan, Rafik A. Simonyan, Elena I. Ulitina
Waiting time in the elementary multichannel queue system with different intensity service of calls and with expectation
Number of views: 1206      Download in PDF

14. Stanislav L. Sobolevsky, Denis A. Poloz
Improvement of calculational methods of time estimation of people evacuation from buildings and facilities of different functionality
Number of views: 1375      Download in PDF

15. Leonid I. Turchak
Modeling of aircrafts vortex safety
Number of views: 1305      Download in PDF

03.00.00 Biological sciences

16. Boris J. Gutnik, Gennadij V. Ganin, Erica N. Eskina, Julia S. Archangelskaja, Derek Nash
A computerized method of estimation of sensor motor reaction, complicated with additional cognitive component
Number of views: 1216      Download in PDF

17. Boris J. Gutnik, Macej Henneberg, Renata Henneberg, Julia S. Archangelskaja
Mathematical approach for determination of the influence of anthropometric characteristics of the upper limbs of the subjects on reaction time of simple motor responses
Number of views: 1157      Download in PDF

18. Boris J. Gutnik, Paul Yielder, Grant Hudson, Gennadij V. Ganin, Julia S. Archangelskaja, Ekaterina A. Vasilieva
A computerized method for objective measurement of muscle tone
Number of views: 1230      Download in PDF

19. Anna V. Muzalevskaya, Alexey V. Panov
Application of mathematical models to assess the role of natural processes, countermeasures and radioactive decay in reducing 137cs accumulation by agricultural crops
Number of views: 1200      Download in PDF

20. Alexey V. Panov, Viktoria V. Zaets
The use of computer decision-making support systems to justify address rehabilitation of the Semipalatinsk test site area
Number of views: 1167      Download in PDF

21. Anatoly B. Shutov, Olga E. Lobova
Influence of climatic factors in cyclicity share gain of year rings at the fir Caucasian
Number of views: 1105      Download in PDF

22. Anatoly B. Shutov, Olga E. Lobova, Victoria S. Semenchuk
Allocation of cyclic features dynamic numbers of the intimate rhythm the method of individual share
Number of views: 1164      Download in PDF

05.00.00 Engineering science

23. German V. Babenko, Sergey V. Belov
Identification of network abnormalities using methods of statistical analysis
Number of views: 1128      Download in PDF

24. Nina B. Baeva, Yulia V. Bondarenko
Operational bases of realization of acceptance of effective administrative decisions (on the example of regional economic system)
Number of views: 1246      Download in PDF

25. Yulia E. Balykina, Michail V. Svirkin
Information criterion for the categorization quality evaluation
Number of views: 1277      Download in PDF

26. Elena V. Bondareva, Yuriy I. Dreizis, Izmail G. Kantardgi
Forecasting of deformations of a non-uniform beach near to cross-section constructions in the coastal zone
Number of views: 1096      Download in PDF

27. Alexander V. Bozhenyuk, Eugenia M. Rogushina
Method of maximum flow finding in fuzzy temporal network
Number of views: 1202      Download in PDF

28. Anatoly T. Bykov, Irina V. Vashtak, Vladimir V. Kovalenko
Definition of regional dependence of activity antioxidative enzymes means of the dispersive analysis
Number of views: 1161      Download in PDF

29. Olga I. Chelyapina
Bundle of solid solution in a cylindrical shell with internal stresses
Number of views: 1095      Download in PDF

30. Yuriy I. Dreizis, Irina V. Grigoryan, Olga E. Lobova
The primary goals of decision support system in management of sea coastal regions
Number of views: 1201      Download in PDF

31. Yuriy I. Dreizis, Irina V. Grigoryan, Olga E. Lobova
The structure of decision support and knowledge work system in the management of coastal sea regions
Number of views: 1195      Download in PDF

32. Yuriy I. Dreizis, Irina V. Grigoryan, Olga E. Lobova, Victor S. Shevtsov
Ecosystem approach to integral estimation of coastal zones ecologic situation on the basis of desicion support system
Number of views: 1151      Download in PDF

33. Sergei Yu. Drobotko, Victor A. Petrov
To the calculation of artificial wave-absorbing pebble beach
Number of views: 1276      Download in PDF

34. Anna Р. Grigoreva
Integrated model of assessment competitive innovation products based on fuzzy sets theory
Number of views: 1214      Download in PDF

35. Yuri D. Ivasyuk, Ivan А. Doluev
Viral network botnet
Number of views: 1146      Download in PDF

36. Vladimir V. Kovalenko, Victor V. Kovalenko, Leonid M. Kanaev
Application of the factorial analysis for the estimation of economic indicators of activity of the sanatorium enterprises
Number of views: 1210      Download in PDF

37. Evgeny V. Kurkin
Quality indexes in economic modeling
Number of views: 1175      Download in PDF

38. Konstantin N. Makarov, Irina L. Makarova
Mathematical modelling of gidrolitodinamic mode of off-shore area for reconstruction of seashore embankment in Sochi
Number of views: 1329      Download in PDF

39. Aleksei A. Matskaniuk
Some new information technologies applications in high school learning process
Number of views: 1085      Download in PDF

40. Artur A. Muselimyan, Mihyail P. Petrov
Modern features of billing system
Number of views: 1071      Download in PDF

41. Vitaly P. Omelchenko, Irina O. Ermolaeva
Сhanges of eeg correlation dimension by trigeminal neuralgia
Number of views: 1206      Download in PDF

42. Vitaly P. Omelchenko, Elena A. Timoshenko
Сhanges of brain bioelectric activity by diabetic encephalopathy
Number of views: 1130      Download in PDF

43. Evgeniy V. Ozhogov, Sergey V. Sakharov
Information system to support the strategic planning of regional innovation system
Number of views: 1035      Download in PDF

44. Evgeniy V. Ozhogov, Sergey V. Sakharov
Automated module support expert surveys of information systems for strategic planning of regional innovation system
Number of views: 1103      Download in PDF

45. Evgeny N. Peresipkin, Sergey V. Shevtsov, Victor S. Shevtsov, Valery N. Sidorov
Calculation modeling of flexural reinforсed conсrete elements adjusted for crack propagation resistance of concrete
Number of views: 1165      Download in PDF

46. Yulia E. Pleshivtseva, Аlexander N. Nikanorov, Kirill Yu. Blinov, Ivan A. Tkachev
Simulation of temperature fields in the process of induction through heating
Number of views: 1169      Download in PDF

47. Tamara L. Salova
Sociai network services internet: structure and functions
Number of views: 1173      Download in PDF

48. Larisa M. Serova
Information analitical system of analysis and forecasting the needs in skilled workers for regional economies
Number of views: 1100      Download in PDF

49. Tatyana A. Shornikova, Irina O. Glebcheva, Gulsina I. Halitova
Modelling of the process of controlling technical systems with the help of diffusion markov random processes
Number of views: 1094      Download in PDF

50. Stella G. Spirina
Method of protection of the confidential information with use of permutable functions
Number of views: 1114      Download in PDF

51. Sergei V. Stafeev
A problem of identifiability and polynomial invariants for factor analysis models
Number of views: 1045      Download in PDF

52. Ivan A. Suntcov, Pavel V. Gluschenko, Maria A. Suntcova
The data exchange mechanism between accounting information systems on base «1C: enterprise»
Number of views: 1001      Download in PDF

53. Long Giang Tran, Igor G. Kantardgi
Numerical study of the wave load on the reflecting wall of the port mole at the construction stage
Number of views: 1060      Download in PDF

54. Ekaterina V. Tulupova
Dynamic portfolio managment based on complex quantile risk measures
Number of views: 1097      Download in PDF

55. Anton I. Veselov, Mihail G. Petrov
The use of information systems at the registration of preliminary applications for booking air and railway tickets
Number of views: 1110      Download in PDF

56. Nikolay M. Vlasov
Internal stresses with the logarithmic coordinate dependence
Number of views: 1023      Download in PDF

57. T.A. Yakovleva
Genetic algorithm with Lin-Kernighan heuristic as a substep of solving the multinomenclature vehicle routing problem
Number of views: 1405      Download in PDF

58. Svetlana М. Yatsun
Mathematical modeling of elastic-dissipative parameters for dynamic perturbations active
Number of views: 1028      Download in PDF

59. Anatolii I. Zadorozhnyi, Igor V. Kolesnikov
Model problem about evaluation of the temperature field in the uniformly rotating wheel at interaction with the disk brake
Number of views: 1219      Download in PDF

60. Anatoly I. Zmitrovich, Aleksey V. Krivko-Krasko, Ludmila A. Krino
Intellectual adaptive system of computer education
Number of views: 1055      Download in PDF

61. Anatoly I. Zmitrovich, Aleksey V. Krivko-Krasko, Andrey A. Voschevoz
Financial decision making support computer system
Number of views: 1067      Download in PDF

62. Oksana Y. Zorina, Anastasiya N. Lazareva
HIerarchical model of individual educational trajectory choice
Number of views: 1184      Download in PDF

08.00.00 Economic sciences

63. Elena A. Abopolova, Maxim Yu. Mishin, Michael E. Semenov
The model of market equilibrium under conditions of hysteresis demand functio
Number of views: 1156      Download in PDF

64. Sergei A. Aivasian, Mikhail Yu. Afanasiev
The production factors efficiency estimation of the "Intellectual" company
Number of views: 1098      Download in PDF

65. Madina V. Atieva, Elena A. Ljachova
Features introductions of corporate information systems in the mining industry
Number of views: 1144      Download in PDF

66. Aleksandr A. Babaev, Egor A. Ledkov
Unification types of housing during Sochi Olympics
Number of views: 1036      Download in PDF

67. Valentin A. Babaev, Anastasiya A. Ivakina
Часть 1. Transport logistics in terms of Olympics venue construction in Sochi
Number of views: 1050      Download in PDF

68. Nina B. Baeva, Darya V. Vorogushina
Economic potential estimation at the choice of regional economic lines of development
Number of views: 1103      Download in PDF

69. Vladimir D. Bogatyryov, Vyacheslav M. Duplyakin, Anastasiya Yu. Sitnikova
Adoption of IT-Technologies in game theory course
Number of views: 1057      Download in PDF

70. Galina A. Bondarenko, Liudmila S. Klimchenia
Realization of communication functions of a site in tourism
Number of views: 1151      Download in PDF

71. Nikolay V. Diligenskiy, Mikhail V. Tsapenko
Methods of multicriterion estimations in system total quality management
Number of views: 1071      Download in PDF

72. Tamara A. Golenskaya, Leonid P. Yanovskij
Real options method for assessment of efficiency of agricultural land use
Number of views: 1040      Download in PDF

73. Victor M. Grigoryan, Irina V. Grigoryan
Economic-mathematical modeling of the functioning of the region in emergency situations
Number of views: 1082      Download in PDF

74. Sergey V. Krukov
Scenario approach to innovative projects effectiveness estimation under risk
Number of views: 1049      Download in PDF

75. Inna F. Kurbyko, Alexey S. Levizov
Forecasting of the tourist streams subject to seasonal fluctuations
Number of views: 1308      Download in PDF

76. Evelina V. Kuzmina, Vera S. Sidorenko
Using of case – means for realization of competence – based approach to the preparation of bachelor of applied computer science and business – informatics
Number of views: 1111      Download in PDF

77. Sergey N. Larin, Larisa U. Lazareva
Modern modeling tools reproduction of housing
Number of views: 1064      Download in PDF

78. Olga A. Popova, Tatyana Yu. Chernysheva
Tool system of support of acceptance decisions for strategic enterprise managementtool
Number of views: 1130      Download in PDF

79. Sergey V. Razumnikov
Benefits of creating information security management system on the enterprise using 1c: enterprise and mathematical models
Number of views: 1111      Download in PDF

80. Elena P. Rostova
The problem of distribution of resources of the insurance company as the problem of dynamic programming
Number of views: 1179      Download in PDF

81. Dmitry V. Shtoller, Elena A. Eremina
Information system planning work on maintenance metrological equipment
Number of views: 1096      Download in PDF

82. Elena D. Streltsova, Vladimir S. Streltsov
Adaptive model of budget regulation based on probabilistic automaton
Number of views: 1066      Download in PDF

83. N.J. Timofeeva, V.Y. Timofeev
Financial planning working capital ventures using software «Analyzer BDDS» sold on the basis of selection of optimal bond portfolio
Number of views: 1223      Download in PDF

84. Svetlana A. Tumenova
Utilization of functional models for increase of competitiveness of recreational systems
Number of views: 1080      Download in PDF

85. Tatjana V. Udalaja, Elena A. Ljachova
The application of game theory in management decisions
Number of views: 1070      Download in PDF

09.00.00 Philosophic sciences

86. Tatiana F. Milova
Problems of information technologies integration into humanities
Number of views: 1023      Download in PDF

13.00.00 Pedagogic sciences

87. Vyacheslav M. Duplyakin, Lyubov A. Vybornova
Adfea – improving cognitive activity of students
Number of views: 1045      Download in PDF

88. Nadejda Yu. Gubanova
Spatial maping of statistical information by using the concept of equivalence
Number of views: 1220      Download in PDF

89. Natalia S. Holodkovsky, Irina V. Yakovenk
The method of mathematical modeling as the necessary condition of forming of professional competences of bachelor of management
Number of views: 1088      Download in PDF

90. Tatiana S. Larina, Tatiana V. Stebenyeva
System software-didactic educational iformation technologies
Number of views: 1022      Download in PDF

91. Irina L. Makarova
Problems of quality of training teachers of mathematics
Number of views: 1191      Download in PDF

92. Simon Zh. Simavoryan
About application during lectures on protection of the information and information security of the method of "The round table"
Number of views: 1194      Download in PDF

93. Vladimir P. Stukalov
About principals of the theory humanization of information society
Number of views: 1122      Download in PDF

14.00.00 Medical sciences

94. Dinara Sh. Gazizova, Vladimir A. Lischouk, Lidia V. Sazykina, Alexander A. Makarenko
Use of information computer technologies for the estimation of quality of treatment
Number of views: 1087      Download in PDF

95. Elena P. Kantarzhi
Mathematical modelling application in study of central visual field variation of the patients with glaucoma
Number of views: 1055      Download in PDF

96. Vladimir A. Lischouk, Dinara Sh. Gazizova, Lidia V. Sazykina, Alexander A. Makarenko
Optimization of therapy on the basis of mathematical model individualized in real time
Number of views: 1120      Download in PDF

97. Hayk D. Yenokyan
The role of the hipermobile mimic muscules of midle face on the postrhinoplastic results
Number of views: 1257      Download in PDF

22.00.00 Sociological sciences

98. Alisa S. Simavoryan, Simon Zh. Simavoryan
Model of an estimation of an image of the expert in public relations in perception of various social groups
Number of views: 1129      Download in PDF

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