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European Researcher. Series A – International Journal of Social Science

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Number 2. (in 2 part) October 26, 2014

Engineering sciences

1. Aleksandr Kalikh, Leonid Mylnikov
Formalization of the Problems of Marketing in Managing the Implementation of Industrial Innovation Projects

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(85), № 10-2, pp. 1816-1827.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.85.1816CrossRef

The article, basing on statistical datas from Data Mining Cup (www.dataminingcup.de) and described the algotithm for data analysis of coinnovation projects. This algorithm can help to find a decision for modernisation of products groups’ production and plane future modernisation of manufacture adapted for product lines.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1414324102.pdf
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2. Anton A. Kaverin, Dmitry A. Dadenkov
Software and Hardware Complex of Experimental Plant for Pulp and Paper Production

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(85), № 10-2, pp. 1828-1834.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.85.1828CrossRef

This paper describes the process of developing the software and hardware complex in the programming environment LabVIEW for study and identification of plant operation modes that simulates the real manufacturing process of preparing paper pulp. The specific feature of the developed software complex is its connection with the technological process of the experimental plant by a programming logic controller.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1414324193.pdf
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Economic sciences

3. Pyali Chatterjee
Human Trafficking and Commercialization of Surrogacy in India

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(85), № 10-2, pp. 1835-1842.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.85.1835CrossRef

The Supreme Court of India, In Baby Manji Yamada versus Union of India & Anr. [2008] INSC 1656, popularly known as Manji Case, declared that Commercial Surrogacy is legal in India. As we know that, India is a developing country and here, most of the peoples are very poor and illiterate. Recently, human trafficking was increase with an uncontrollable rate in the entire world. In addition, making Commercialization of Surrogacy legal had already give birth to a new form of trafficking. Where, illiterate women from poor section is trafficked to run the reproductive industry of the Surrogacy. As we know that the traffickers, they used to trafficked girls/women for prostitution but now after the legalization of Commercial Surrogacy, they will trafficked girl/women for the reproductive industry as a raw material. The Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act (ITPA), 1956 and Sections 366(A) and 372 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 are the existing laws of India, which deals with human trafficking. However, none of these provisions contains any solution, to deal with this new serious issue of trafficking of women/girls for the purpose of Commercial Surrogacy in reproductive industries. These existing laws as well as the pending draft bill of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) Regulation Bill, 2010 needs an amendment to check this crime against women once again to protect the rights and health of the women.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1414324270.pdf
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4. Vitaly F. Ershov
The Association of Russian Banks (ARB) and Banking Community: the Practice and Prospects of Cooperation

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(85), № 10-2, pp. 1843-1857.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.85.1843CrossRef

The article discusses the peculiarity of the formation and basic directions of activities of the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) as the leading corporate establishment of domestic financial business. ARB consistently provides innovative projects aimed at improving the native system of credit agencies, the development of their interaction with the state, developing the ties with the international financial institutions.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1414324366.pdf
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Pedagogical sciences

5. Lukáš Šmída, Robert Rozim, Elena Bendíková
The Influence of Selected Exercises on Level of Explosive Strength of Lower Limbs of Pupils in Volleyball Preparation

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(85), № 10-2, pp. 1858-1864.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.85.1858CrossRef

Aim of survey was to verify influence of selected compilation of exercises in sport preparation of pupils in volleyball preparation VK TatranBanská Bystrica on their explosive strength of lower limbs. We tried to use measurements with device Myotest to see how it affects on level of development of explosive strength of lower limbs by selected specific compilation of exercises. Our experimental group was consisted of 14 male pupils between ages of 12 to 15 years. Between input and output evaluation our research group participated on total of 84 training units, of which 56 were classified as training exercises from our compilation of exercises. Result of application of created sports training on pupils in VK Tatran Banská Bystrica is total increase of level of explosive strength of lower limbs in our research group, but it was not statistically significant in some parameters which underlie listed determinant.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1414324452.pdf
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Psychological sciences

6. Ulysses Rodrigues de Castro, Antonio José Pacheco Palha, Nelson Rocha de Oliveira, José Carlos Amado Martins
An Approach on the Quality of Life of Community Health Agents in Mental Health Area

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(85), № 10-2, pp. 1865-1873.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.85.1865CrossRef

The quality of life discussion is increasing because it starts to bring the conditions and lifestyle as topics. This concern is also being observed in the workplace, and the work life quality is an important issue in the bioethics of protection view. So, this article aims to understand the quality of life of mental health professionals, specifically the community health agents of the Federal District in Brazil. Methods: A survey called WHOQOL-100 from the World Health Organization was used to describe the sociodemographic characteristics and the quality of life of the community health agents. Collected data were analyzed by SPSS 19.0 computer program. Results: Results indicated that the quality of life revealed by the five domains of Whoqol – 100 is located around 57%. Considering the aspects evaluated, we realized that no one reached greater percentage than or equal to 80% value. Some sociodemographic variables are associated with significant differences between the means in some domains of Whoqol - 100. In Social and Environmental Affairs domains, the averages between men and women were significantly different. The Socioeconomic Level of Community Health Agents was also associated with significant differences in the level of independence. Conclusions: We observed that the quality of life for those workers passes before anything for its humanization.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1414324601.pdf
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7. Dmitry V. Soldatov, Olga N. Zhiltsova
Role of Temporal Transspective in Personality Formation of Adolescents Without Parental Support

European Researcher, 2014, Vol.(85), № 10-2, pp. 1874-1880.
DOI: 10.13187/er.2014.85.1865CrossRef

Temporal transspective is understood as ability to connect in whole image of the past, present and future. The article shows the results of a comparative study of temporal transspective of adolescents, whose personality formation takes place in different living conditions. Participants were 50 adolescents without parental support (experimental group) and 60 adolescents brought up in a family (control group). The research showed that temporal transspective of adolescents without parental support has not only peculiarities as gap between important events in the past, present and future, but as well such characteristics of their personalities as lack of confidence, ambivalency, anxiety, pessimism, moreover, motivation limited by nearest future.

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