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European Researcher. Series A – International Journal of Social Science

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Publication frequency – once in 3 months.
Has been issued since 2010.

Number 1. (in 2 part) April 20, 2014

Biological sciences

1. G. Azikuri
The Local Blood Flow Changes in the Cerebral Cortex with Ischemic Pretreatment under Inhibitors Use

The aim of this study was examination of the Nitric Oxide role in realization of ischemic preconditioning phenomenon. Experiments were carried out in white rats. Ischemic preconditioning was accomplished by occlusion of the common carodit artery. Cerebrocortical blood flow was measured by Hydrogen clearance technique. Intraperitoneal injection of Nitro-L-arginine-metil ester (L-NAME) resulted in complete suppression of preconditioning, while selective inhibitor of inducible NOS – aminoguanidinsuppessed it just partially.

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2. Amin K. Baimbetova, Sholpan K. Bakhtiyarova, Unzira N. Kapysheva, Bolatbek I. Zhaksymov, Alima A. Korganbaeva
Biochemical Blood Properties of People living in Poor Ecological Conditions

The examination of protein and cellular blood composition of residents living in two of the most polluted districts of Almaty city, did not indicate any blood system changes. All researched indicators matched up with physiological forms, and in some cases, the reference group indicators were outpaced. Significant changes of red cells have been detected at osmotic resistance of membrane of red blood cells among residents of above said Almaty’s districts. The resistance of red cell membranes of Auezovsky district residents was lower than of Alatauksky district residents. The hemolysispercent washigherby 5-9 %. The hemolysispercent among people aged 50 was significantly higher (by 10-20 % and more).

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Economic sciences

3. Bogdana V. Aleksandrova
Non-financial Results of Performance Indicators of Trade and Industry Chambers in Ukraine

The article deals with non-financial results review of Trade and Industry Chamber, the assessment of competitiveness in the Ukrainian market. To achieve the desired goal we should do the following: 1. Identify categories of research 2. Systemize available statistics. 3. To evaluate dynamics of main categories 4. Conduct an assessment of non-financial indicators of Trade and Industry Chamber 5. Identify the level of competitiveness of Trade and Industry Chamber of Ukraine on domestic market. Methods used by author to address these issues: index-linked, method of correlation analysis, method of expert assessment. As a result of the study, non-financial indicators of organization’s activities have been analyzed, the dynamics of membership base and the scope of delivered services have been identified as well as the level of organization’s competitiveness. The most promising services have been highlighted.

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Philosophical sciences

4. Elizbar Elizbarashvili
The Risomorphous Concept of Time and History in Postmodernism

The article discusses the understanding of ‘’Rhizome’’ established by Gilles Deleuze and Guattari in French post-modernism. We make a historical model analysis of history and time, description of linear time. Eventually we combine all hitherto existing historical paradigms in the fundamental metaparadigm. New understanding of metaparadigm of history and time is described in the article which is based on the understanding of ‘’Rhizome’’ established by G. Deleuze and F. Guattari.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1398792891.pdf
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Philological sciences

5. Marina Y. Vaslyayeva, Dinara R. Ahmetova, Natalya A. Svich
Projects-based Language Training

The article deals with the importance of appliance of project-based method during the language learning process. The key thing is that the appliance of project-based method during the language training helps to concentrate the learner’s attention on the issue itself, but not on the language structure, to go right into the core of the issue, to address the problems, using the language as a tool. The article uncovers the core of this method: students rethink new facts and ideas by themselves. Theydon’tgetthemfromlecturers. Besides, the authors accept the need for such project as a tool of activation of cognitive activities when forming s critical opinion. According to authors, the project differs from other methods through the ability by students to create a specific product showing their ability to use the hands-on experience while creating such product. The article shows that the appliance of project-based method during the language training is aimed at such abilities as development of foreign language competence (including speech, language, linguistic, sociocultural and scientific competence), the ability to encourage students to learn the languages in modern society as a tool of communication, cognition and social adaptation.

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6. Sagymbay Zhumagulov, Katira Zhakirova, Zhanar Rustemova, Aytbay Zhumagulov
Language of Characters as one of the Talented Writer’s Works

The article deals with specific and linguistic peculiarities of Kazakh play writer Kapan Satubaldin as well studies and opinions of literary critics on Kazakh literature. As a result of research, the authors reached the conclusion that the language and heroes of Kapan Satubaldin reveal different characters.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1398793103.pdf
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Legal sciences

7. Gulzhazira A. Ilyasova
Legal Support for Ecological Safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The article features the analysis of Kazakhstan’ National Legislation, international conventions (agreements) in the area of Ecological Sustainability ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan. The agreements have been endorsed by Resolutions of Inter-Parliament Assembly of States Members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Recommended legal act dated November 2, 1996, “Law on Ecological Safety” dated November 15, 2003. The analysis of Kazakhstan’s legislation demonstrates partially effective laws on ecological safety. In this regard, there is a need to systemize the current legislature and adopt legal instrument regulating sustainability of ecological safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Pedagogical sciences

8. Kymbat F. Aubakirova, Bayan K. Shaushekova, Jannur B. Asetova
Theoretical Model of Building Ethnopedagogical Competence for Future Teachers

The article deals with the model of building Ethnopedagogical competence for future teachers. The key components included into the article: motivational – personal, cognitive – operationalized. Components of ethnopedagogical competence outlined in a range of criteria, have been integrated into the structure of theoretical model of ethnopedagogical competence for future teachers. In accordance with the theory of pedagogical process, includes objectives, targets, content, principles, methods, forms, means and result.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1398793244.pdf
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9. Maryna V. Bosenko
Issues Related to University Education in Ukraine in the Context of Globalization, European Integration and Bologna Process

The article deals with the analysis of issued linked to the development of Ukrainian education in the contexts of globalization, European integration and Bologna Process. The needs for reforms related to the university education in Ukraine is linked with job market and social services, including educational services, globalization of economics and IT technologies: enhancing of socio-economical and pedagogical processes, informatization in society, transition to ‘knowledge societies’, changing the system f values, expanding the core of university education, emergence and distribution of innovative technologies, freedom of choice in electing the university curriculum, fundamentalization and humanization of education etc.

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10. Janat A. Karmanova, Rauana B. Mazhenova, Gulmira N. Manashova
Principles of Technologies and Functions of a Pedagogue on Development of Interfaith Tolerance among Learners in Secondary Education System

The article features definitions for ‘technology’, ‘pedagogical technology’ explained by different authors. The reasons for increased interests to pedagogical interests are also explained in the article. Based on didactic resources, the principles of tolerance among studied specimen have been identified. The pedagogue’s functions in the course of pedagogical technologies are considered. According to authors, pedagogical process development on interfaith tolerance lies in extra curriculum courses.

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11. Natalya V. Mirza, Mariya Umpirovich
Quality of Education as a Form of Administration

The article features attempts to analyze the process of quality of education. In accordance with the modern society requirements, there is a need for a new approach to managing the educational process.

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12. Olga P. Selivanova
Building Willingness for Dialogue Interaction

The issue of building readiness for dialogue interaction among students is relevant to the educational system today. This articles reveals the concept of ‘readiness’ and ‘readiness for dialogue interaction’. According to the author, the readiness for dialogue interaction helps to get over aggression, intolerance, contempt.

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13. Almasbek A. Maulenov
Spiritual Interrelation Avesta and Kazakh Mythology

This article describes the interrelation and spiritual succession of the holy book "Avesta" and Kazakh mythology. Were revealed similarities mythological characters, traditions, customs and importances of mythological concepts, rituals and take in the relationship with the world religions.

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