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European Researcher. Series A – International Journal of Social Science

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Publication frequency – once in 3 months.
Has been issued since 2010.

Number 1. (in 2 part) October 15, 2013

Technical Sciences

1. Stanislav A. Kuja
Geoinformation Analysis

The article describes the geoinformation analysis as a knowledge tool, reveals its structure, shows that the geo-information analysis summarizes other types of analysis and includes the consideration of spatial relationships. Methodological features of geoinformation analysis are shown. They are based on the integration of methods and technologies. Geoinformation analysis is a knowledge tool and a means of interdisciplinary knowledge transfer.

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2. Stanislav A. Kuja, Igor V. Solovjev, Victor Y. Tsvetkov
System Elements Heterogeneity

The paper deals with the features of the systematic approach development, shows that the systematic approach lacks the definition of system elements divisibility. This fact simplifies the system description. The article shows that, depending on the selection of the criterion of divisibility, different types of elements with different properties are got. Depending on the selection of the criterion of divisibility, the system structure becomes multidimensional. The paper recommends to indicate the criterion of the system divisibility during the systems research. It increases the certainty of the description of a complex system and characterizes the system elements.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383016646.pdf
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3. Vladimir Markelov
Spatial Information Storage

The article describes the spatial information storage, shows the features of spatial information and of such storage systems formation. Requirements for information storage technologies and for the data management in storage systems are determined. Cartographic information storage and updating features are shown. The article proves that intelligent solutions are the most efficient means of working with large amounts of spatial data.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383016706.pdf
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4. Andrey Pavlov
Geoinformation Systems as Automated Management System

The article analyzes geoinformation systems (GIS) development as management systems, highlights the basic principles of decision-making in GIS, describes GIS storage systems and decision-making systems, discloses the use of GIS for the territory management and briefly describes the use of GIS for transport management and monitoring.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383016762.pdf
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5. Viktor Ya. Tsvetkov
Spatial Information Models

The paper studies the spatial information models as types of information models, reveals the properties of these models, shows the common features of information spatial models and intelligent models. The features of tasks solution, using spatial information models are described.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383016821.pdf
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Historical Sciences and Archaeology

6. Oksana E. Dmitrieva
Czechs and Slovaks in Russian Captivity during World War I (1914-1918)

The article is focused on the features of more than 250 000 Czechs and Slovaks in Russian captivity during World War I: the amount, quartering and supply benefits, work in various sectors of the Russian economy, military units formation, social and national organizations activities, charity support. The conditions of Czechs and Slovaks captivity are recollected. New sources are introduced into scientific use.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383016882.pdf
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Economical Sciences

7. Viktor V. Glushchenko, Yuliya V. Tarasenko
Factors of Demand for Higher Education Creation

The article describes factors that influence demand for higher education as one of the basic features of human assets and country's economy formation. The analysis of these factors enabled to define the efficiency of higher education finance and indicate the importance of this index and results, creating demand for higher education. Demand for higher education study will enable to normalize the financial support of this sphere and regulate the relations between the system of higher education and labor market.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383016979.pdf
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8. Maira Sh. Kenzhebolatova
Role of Agro-industrial Sphere in Food Supply Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Food supply security in Kazakhstan сannot be achieved without government support, without legislative, administrative and economic influence. The paper examines the main features of agricultural sphere development in order to provide food supply security of the country in modern context.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383017043.pdf
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9. Julia V. Koval
Analysis of Tax Revenues to the State Budget of Economies in Transition Countries

The article, using statistical data, analyzes tax revenues to the state budget of the economies in transition countries, namely Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Such analysis is necessary to identify the main ways to pump up the budget and, using comparative analysis, to draw conclusions about the methods, applied by economies in transition countries to come out of the crisis and restore the economy. The main reasons of tax revenues increase or decrease as the main source of pumping up the state budget are examined. Methods of taxation policy, the countries used for the economy restoration are described.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383017109.pdf
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10. Violetta S. Molchanova
Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication (Volgograd State University): Scientific and Research Innovations

The paper describes different scientific innovations, applied in the course of study at the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication of Volgograd State University. Special attention is attached to technological component and personnel developments, aimed at the education process improvement and optimization.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383017170.pdf
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11. Violetta S. Molchanova
Volgograd State University: Use of Information Technologies in Education and Scientific Activity

The article analyses the information achievements, applied in Volgograd State University and presents the latest developments of the leading economic scientists.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383017224.pdf
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Pedagogical Sciences

12. Tat'yana V. Petrovskaya
Schoolchildren’s Creative Abilities Development in the Course of Poetry Study

The article considers some methodological aspects of the development of creative abilities of schoolchildren in the course of poetry study in elementary and primary schools. The development of creative and imaginative abilities and tropology of junior schoolchildren along with reading and artworks analysis is disclosed. The types of perception of poetic texts by children are studied. The work of teacher in the classes of the "Poetics" course, using study guides for the lower school is presented. The analysis of the studied data enabled to examine the problem of schoolchildren’s creative abilities development more thoroughly and to identify the possible prospects.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383017315.pdf
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13. Botakoz A. Zhekibaeva, Gulzam Abilkasimova
Results of “Pedagogical Competence” Notion Analysis

The article presents results of the analysis of scientific works by Russian and foreign scientists, defining the category “Pedagogical competence”. The analysis was carried out, basing on the study of such notions as “competence”, “professional competence”, “professional capabilities”, “competence”, their correlation between each other and other categories, having the nearest equivalence, such as “professionalism”, “qualification”, “professional capabilities”, “readiness to professional activity”. As a result of comparative analysis, the authors came to the conclusion that definitions of pedagogical competence, its content and structure are dynamic and many-sided. They vary, depending on various factors: development of pedagogics and related sciences, state of society, economy and culture.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383017397.pdf
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14. Victorya Zhigir
The Efficiency of Education Manager’s Administrative Activity

The paper is focused on the problem of essential interpretation of the concept “the efficiency of education manager’s administrative activity”. The concepts “activity efficiency” and “management’s efficiency” are examined. The approaches to the definition of ‘the efficiency of manager’s administrative activity’ and, in particular, ‘education manager’s administrative activity’ are analyzed. The aim of education manager’s professional activity and his/her role in the development of educational institution are defined. The features of the determination of criteria of administrative activity efficiency and their indicators are detected. Three groups of the criteria of the efficiency of education manager’s administrative activity are proposed.

URL: http://www.erjournal.ru/journals_n/1383017456.pdf
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Philological Sciences

15. Charidijr Valihanov
Nature and Character

The article analyzes landscape, which is the artistic method in the art of writing, using the works by S.Muratbekov. The paper describes the profitable use of landscape to characterize characters’ state of mind, enrich the internal structure of the work, ideas quality, contexture structure and the development of the action.

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