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European Researcher. Series A – International Journal of Social Science

E-ISSN 2224-0136

Publication frequency – once in 3 months.
Has been issued since 2010.

Number 1. (in 2 part) March 15, 2013

Biological sciences

1. Sabit S. Shorin, Sairan N. Atikeeva, Gulmira A. Tusupbekova, Alisher A. Alimkhanov
Effect of Polymetallic Dust on the Reproductive System and Prevention of Its Decline
Number of views: 1008      Download in PDF

Engineering sciences

2. Murat K. Baimul'din, Ol'ga V. Kremer, Ol'ga V. Martynenko, El'mira K. Seipisheva
Development of Virtual Laboratory Works on the Subject “Petrophysics”
Number of views: 1110      Download in PDF

3. Murat K. Baymuldin, Julia K. Shakirova, Natalia K. Savchenko
Information Support of the Higher Education Quality Management System
Number of views: 1126      Download in PDF

4. Yuri A. Dolganov, Alexander A. Epifanov
Experimental Research of Internal Thermal Resistance in Two-phase Gravity Thermosyphons
Number of views: 1016      Download in PDF

5. Gulmira K. Saparova, Nuriya N. Akimbekova, Nurbek R. Zholmagambetov
Methods of Dust Air Flows Reduction at Ore Transfer Facilities of Mining and Processing Plants
Number of views: 1296      Download in PDF

Historical sciences and archaeology

6. Tatyana P. Khlynina
Family and Family Relationship in Oral Recollections by Veterans of the Great Patriotic War
Number of views: 987      Download in PDF

Economic sciences

7. Viktoria S. Ambarchyan
Analysis of Bank Investment Transactions Impact on Financial Assets Profitability
Number of views: 1287      Download in PDF

8. Alla V. Dmitrenko
Analysis of Joint Ventures Financial State
Number of views: 1499      Download in PDF

9. Samir Smuni
Morocco Integration Strategy Improvement
Number of views: 1018      Download in PDF

Philological sciences

10. Bakhyt M. Aitbaeva, Ainach T. Sharmaganbetova, Kundus Sh. Balapanova
Organization of Distance Learning in the Course of Communicative Competence Cultivation
Number of views: 926      Download in PDF

11. Zhandos Smagulov, Zhanaidar Zhumageldin
Critical Realism and Abay’s Aesthetic World
Number of views: 1132      Download in PDF

12. Zhansaya Zharylgapov, Anisa Beisentai, Bibi Syzdykova
Kazakh Literature of Post-socialist Realism
Number of views: 1037      Download in PDF

Pedagogical sciences

13. Tat'yana A. Kalashnikova, Valentina V. Bobrova, Elena N. Likhacheva, Merlam I. Imanbekov
Implementation of Inclusive Education in General Education Institutions
Number of views: 1438      Download in PDF

14. Janat A. Karmanova, Rauana B. Mazhenova, Karina D. Asanova
Historical Aspects in Tolerance Phenomenon Research
Number of views: 1310      Download in PDF

15. Romualdas K. Malinauskas, Vilija V. Malinauskiene, Vytautas P. Gudonis
Emotional Intelligence Features of Future Teachers of Physical Education
Number of views: 1299      Download in PDF

16. Kira Stetsyuk
The Principle of Ecological Culture Development Continuity
Number of views: 987      Download in PDF

17. Xu Zhe
Music Students’ National Values Cultivation in the Educational Process of a University
Number of views: 1026      Download in PDF

18. Botakoz A. Zhekibaeva
Methodological Approaches and Principles of Foreign Language Teachers’ Training to Provide Schoolchildren with Ethnic Education
Number of views: 1152      Download in PDF

19. Botakoz A. Zhekibaeva
The Language Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Field of Education
Number of views: 1386      Download in PDF

Medical Science

20. Larissa E. Muravlyova, Vilen B. Molotov-Luchanskiy, Dmitriy A. Klyuyev, Ryszhan E. Bakirova, Ludmila A. Demidchik, Evgeniya A. Kolesnikova
Extracellular Nucleic Acids in Blood of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Number of views: 1087      Download in PDF

Psychological sciences

21. Asya Kh. Kukubayeva, Yuliya A. Kudryavtseva
Age and Value Orientations
Number of views: 1205      Download in PDF

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