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European Researcher. Series A – International Journal of Social Science

E-ISSN 2224-0136

Publication frequency – once in 3 months.
Has been issued since 2010.

Number 1. (in 3 part) November 16, 2012

Physico-mathematical sciences

1. Elena I. Rukavishnikova
The Finite Element Method for Dirichlet Problem With Degeneration of Solution on the Boundary
Number of views: 917      Download in PDF

Chemical sciences

2. Marat I. Abdullin, Andrei B. Glazyrin, Azamat A. Basyrov, Yuliya A. Tagirova, Igor' Yu. Atnabaev
Electrospinning of Syndiotactic 1,2-Polybutadiene
Number of views: 1179      Download in PDF

Engineering science

3. Alexander B. Bakulev, Marina A. Bakuleva, Svetlana B. Avilkina
Mathematical Methods and Algorithms of Mobile Parallel Computing on the Base of Multi-core Processors
Number of views: 1035      Download in PDF

4. Vladimir Markelov
Application Geodata in Logistics
Number of views: 1015      Download in PDF

5. Farid I. Murataev, Aleksei V. Gorbunov
Consistency of Interlayer Formation in Welded Bimetal Copper-Aluminum
Number of views: 910      Download in PDF

6. Victor Ya. Tsvetkov
Global Monitoring
Number of views: 1050      Download in PDF

Historical sciences and archeology

7. Tat'yana P. Khlynina
Private Life of Soviet Man during Wartime in Documentary Witnesses of Regional Record Vaul
Number of views: 899      Download in PDF

8. Evgeny F. Krinko
Private Life of Soviet Man during Wartime: Historiography and Problem Origin
Number of views: 1085      Download in PDF

9. Shara Mazhitaeva, Gulnara Smagulova, Bahytgul Tuleuova
Multilingual Education as One of Priority Directions of Educational System Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Number of views: 1318      Download in PDF

Economic sciences

10. Mikhail N. Dudin, Nikolai V. Lyasnikov, Pavel A. Egorushkin
Innovative Environment Forming as the Most Important Condition of Implementation of Efficient Innovations in the Industrial Entrepreneurship Sphere
Number of views: 1072      Download in PDF

11. Aleksei I. Konotopov
Features of Innovative Sector in Geodesic Works
Number of views: 1169      Download in PDF

12. Galina A. Manokhina, Raisa S. Vidishcheva
Assessment of Consequences of Replacement of System of the Uniform Tax on Imputed Income Patent System of the Taxation
Number of views: 1029      Download in PDF

13. Ilya A. Romanov
Innovation in Training
Number of views: 1035      Download in PDF

Philological scienes

14. Fatima K. Isenova, Anna I. Shigabieva
Psycholynguistic Aspect of Tense Category as a Way to World Modeling
Number of views: 959      Download in PDF

15. Sagymbay Zhumagulov, Meiram Zhumabekov, Zhanar Rustemova, Aytbay Zhumagulov
Integration of Cultures and the Problems of Translation Into Kazakh
Number of views: 1237      Download in PDF

Legal sciences

16. Elena V. Ivneva
History of Russian Law on Commercials
Number of views: 947      Download in PDF

17. Liya L. Kavshbaya
State Regulations of PPPs in the Russian Federation
Number of views: 910      Download in PDF

18. Natal'ya V. Lebedeva
The Legal Investigation Peculiarities in RF Constitutional Court
Number of views: 1038      Download in PDF

19. Natal'ya V. Lebedeva, Mariya S. Semenova
Territorial Self-governance as a Form of Local Sovereignty
Number of views: 1246      Download in PDF

Pedagogical sciences

20. Valery V. Rozhentsov, Mikhail M. Polevschikov
Accuracy of Vision Time Evaluation
Number of views: 879      Download in PDF

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