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European Researcher. Series A – International Journal of Social Science

ISSN 2219-8229. E-ISSN 2224-0136

Publication frequency – once in 3 months.
Has been issued since 2010.

Number 1. (in 3 part) May 16, 2012

01.00.00 Physics-mathematics sciences

1. Alexander A. Babaev
Encoding and Decoding Procedures for Arrangements
Number of views: 790      Download in PDF

2. Nina B. Baeva
Borrowing Functions: Notion, Essence, Properties, Analytical Form
Number of views: 782      Download in PDF

3. Nikolay A. Baranov
Improving the Scanning Lidar Wind Speed Measurement Accuracy by Using the Optimal Interpolation
Number of views: 735      Download in PDF

4. Nikolay A. Baranov, Leonid I. Turchak
Aircraft Recategorization Preserving the Wake Vortex Safety
Number of views: 759      Download in PDF

5. Eduard A. Danielyan, Arsen R. Simonyan, Elena I. Ulitina
Regular Variation of the Tail of Distribution of the Sum of the Random Number of Independent Random Variables
Number of views: 802      Download in PDF

6. Alexey V. Kasarkin, Sergey M. Gushanskiy, Viacheslav F. Guzik
Influence of parameters entanglement on the quantum algorithms
Number of views: 843      Download in PDF

7. Oleg A. Kozlitin
On Periodical Properties of 2-Linear Recurring Sequences
Number of views: 723      Download in PDF

8. Irina N. Maslyakova
Model of Learning as a Markov Process
Number of views: 722      Download in PDF

9. L.I. Mironova
A Variation Principle in the Method of Mathematical Modeling of Limit States Design
Number of views: 880      Download in PDF

10. Nikolay A. Ponomarev, Viktor A. Rukavishnikov
The Numerical Method For Boundary Value Problems With Strong Singularity
Number of views: 898      Download in PDF

11. Victor I. Samarin
Results of Study of Mathematics by Students as a Competency’s Matter
Number of views: 740      Download in PDF

12. Mikhail S. Tikhov, Tatiana S. Borodina
Estimation and Computer Simulation of the Effective Doses in the Dose-Effect Dependence Over Random Experiment Plans
Number of views: 820      Download in PDF

13. Elena Vdovina, Konstantin Volosov
The Model the Effect of the «Stop» Spiral Waves in Theblood Coagulation
Number of views: 778      Download in PDF

03.00.00 Biological sciences

14. Vladimir A. Lischouk, Dinara Sh. Gazizova, Lidia V. Sazykina
Use of Information Computer Technologies for an Estimation of Efficiency of Pharmacological Preparations
Number of views: 744      Download in PDF

05.00.00 Engineering science

15. Ivan N. Berlinets
Concept of Educationional and Administrative Processes Automation System for Department
Number of views: 767      Download in PDF

16. Olga I. Chelyapina
Computer Simulation in Problems of Thermal Strength
Number of views: 709      Download in PDF

17. Ivan A. Doluev, Mihyail G. Petrov
Prospects For the Development of Modern Database Technology
Number of views: 865      Download in PDF

18. Aleksandra V. Galeta, Vera S. Sidorenko
Characteristics of Region Informational System Structural and Functional Configuration
Number of views: 804      Download in PDF

19. Lyibov A. Khvorova, Nadezhda V. Gavrilovskaya
Using of a Dynamic Computer Model of the Agricultural Ecosystem For the Operational and Long-Term Forecasting of Agricultural Production
Number of views: 808      Download in PDF

20. Olga F. Kozyr
The Optimization of Use of the Information Recourses in Real Time Systems
Number of views: 843      Download in PDF

21. Aleksei A. Matskaniuk
Audio Signal Quantization Companding Laws Comparative Analysis
Number of views: 909      Download in PDF

22. Vasiliy Yu. Meltsov, Gennadiy A. Chistyakov
Development Modules for Specification of Requirements for a System of Verification of Parallel Algorithms
Number of views: 839      Download in PDF

23. Mihyail G. Petrov
Design Intranet-Systems Using UML. Pre-Stage
Number of views: 750      Download in PDF

24. O. Samarina, V. Slavsky
Some Numerical Characteristics of Image Texture
Number of views: 696      Download in PDF

25. Mihail E. Semenov, Dmitry V. Grachikov, Maxim Yu. Mishin, Darya V. Shevlyakova
Stabilization and Control Models of Systems With Hysteresis Nonlinearities
Number of views: 862      Download in PDF

26. Tatyana A. Shornikova, Ekaterina Y. Kalashnikova, Gulsina I. Halitova
Diffusive Markovskiye of Transformation in the Many-Sided Corner - Measured Space
Number of views: 671      Download in PDF

27. Simon Zh. Simavoryan, Arsen R. Simonyan
The Probabilistic Safety Assessment Model of Anti-Terrorist Security of Olympic games
Number of views: 888      Download in PDF

28. Nikolay M. Vlasov, Yury G. Dragunov
Diffusion Permeability of Fuel Claddings
Number of views: 724      Download in PDF

29. Svetlana P. Vovk, Larisa A. Ginis
Modeling and Forecasting of Transitions Between Levels of Hierarchies in Difficult Formalized Systems
Number of views: 845      Download in PDF

30. Sergei G. Voronchihin, Vadim A. Pomytkin, Maxim A. Zemtsov, Andrew L. Flaxman
Numerical Simulation for Heat Transfer in Liquid Cooling System of Electronic Components
Number of views: 902      Download in PDF

31. Vera G. Vysotina
Comparison of Results of Numerical Modeling of Subsonic Flow of air in the Axisymmetric Channels of Different Geometries
Number of views: 739      Download in PDF

32. Tatyana V. Vysotskaya
Application of Cluster Analysis for Definition of a Financial and Economic State of the Enterprise
Number of views: 871      Download in PDF

08.00.00 Economic sciences

33. Nikolay V. Diligenskiy, Mikhail V. Tsapenko
Multicriterion Comparative Estimation of Consumer Properties of Passenger Cars
Number of views: 807      Download in PDF

34. Anna Y. Gorlach, Vyacheslav M. Duplyakin, Ramziya R. Yarmukhametova
Defining the Optimal Inventory Management Program Using Bellman’s Dynamic Programming Method
Number of views: 811      Download in PDF

35. Aleksandra Y. Grigorevskaya, Elena P. Rostova
Consumer Services Enterprise Complex Efficiency Assessment Illustrated by Restaurant “Pudra” Efficiency Analysis
Number of views: 911      Download in PDF

36. Alexey S. Levizov, Inna F. Kurbyko
Modeling of Statistical Relations in Regional Economy Sphere
Number of views: 763      Download in PDF

14.00.00 Medical sciences

37. Irina V. Grigorieva, Vladimir V. Kovalenko, Nadir Ben Kafada
Statistical Research of the Medical Preparations Storage Conditions Among Population
Number of views: 967      Download in PDF

19.00.00 Psychological sciences

38. Nadejda Yu. Gubanova, Simon Zh. Simavoryan
Bayesian Information Criterion as an Alternative way of Statistical Inference
Number of views: 748      Download in PDF

39. Larisa A. Vlasova, Victor V. Kovalenko, Vladimir V. Kovalenko, Leonid M. Kanaev, Simon Zh. Simavoryan
Statistical Researches for Definition Communications Emotional and Communicative Parameters in the Student’s Midst
Number of views: 936      Download in PDF

22.00.00 Sociological sciences

40. Tamara L. Salova
Location of the Intellectual Elite in the Social Structure of the Network SOciety
Number of views: 841      Download in PDF

25.00.00 Geoscinces

41. Yuriy I. Dreizis, Irina V. Grigoryan, Vladimir V. Kovalenko
Design of Multidimensional Database (MBD) for DSS in Problems of Environmental Management
Number of views: 822      Download in PDF

42. Yuriy I. Dreizis, Irina V. Grigoryan, Vladimir V. Kovalenko
Requirements for the Creation of Decision Support Systems in the Management of Coastal Regions
Number of views: 730      Download in PDF

43. Yury I. Dreyzis, Lidia V. Prokhoda-Shumskikh
Project E-Ural: Perspectives of the EU and Russia Scientific and Technological Cooperation in the Field of Environment
Number of views: 684      Download in PDF

44. Igor G. Kantargi, Lidia V. Prokhoda-Shumskikh
Sea Water Quality Modeling in the Frame of a Building First Turn of a Hydraulic Engineering Complex "Object "The Island Federation»
Number of views: 754      Download in PDF

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