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European Researcher. Series A – International Journal of Social Science

E-ISSN 2224-0136

Publication frequency – once in 3 months.
Has been issued since 2010.

Number 1. (in 1 part) June 01, 2011

01.00.00 Physico-mathematical sciences

1. Fatima Y. Albakova
M. Sagov’s «Antropoquantum»
Number of views: 1428      Download in PDF

2. Raisa G. Spevakova, Guzel R. Sharifullina, Elizaveta P. Fadeyeva
Application of the «Three sigma» rule in the risk assessment of investment project
Number of views: 1443      Download in PDF

3. Aleksey G. Zhukov
Comparison of software products based on the analytic hierarchy
Number of views: 1379      Download in PDF

07.00.00 Historical sciences

4. Alena A. Bushina, Vladimir G. Ivantsov
‘Sochi’ resort development and functioning in 1935–1950
Number of views: 1326      Download in PDF

5. Kseniya V. Voshchenko
Contemporary slavic studies in Canada
Number of views: 1206      Download in PDF

6. Gulmira D. Dzhunushalieva
Kyrgyz statehood establishment through social evolution perspective
Number of views: 1409      Download in PDF

7. Tatiana А. Zabolotnaya, Anvar M. Mamadaliev
Sochi in early ХХ century: sources and historiography
Number of views: 1456      Download in PDF

8. Mikhail Yu. Kamensky, Valeriya V. Shaparenko
Local history in modern historical studies: domestic and foreign experience
Number of views: 1347      Download in PDF

9. Tatyana P. Khlynina. Igor Yu. Vasilev
Ukrainization: between big time politics and current objectives of soviet construction
Number of views: 1270      Download in PDF

10. Еvgeny F. Krinko, Konstantin V. Taran
First Russian revolution within Black sea province (1905–1907): modern historiography survey
Number of views: 1470      Download in PDF

11. Alexander A. Maksimovich
Historiography of the anti-soviet movement in Central Asia in 1920–1930s: soviet and Russian views
Number of views: 1671      Download in PDF

12. Anastasia E. Malkova, Anvar M. Mamadaliev
Historiography of Sochi posad social and economic development in pre-revolutionary period
Number of views: 1308      Download in PDF

08.00.00 Economic sciences

13. Stanislav V. Koshcheev
Formation of innovative clusters in tourism
Number of views: 1522      Download in PDF

10.00.00 Philological sciences

14. Khuraman Alieva
Peculiarities of a genre of existentialistic novel in English literature
Number of views: 1472      Download in PDF

15. Alevtina N. Demidenko, Tinatin A. Pegasova
Romanticism and instructiveness in Charlotte Bronte’s novel «Jane Eyre»
Number of views: 1586      Download in PDF

16. Alevtina N. Demidenko, Elena V. Chavuchalo
Confession genre features in Diderot’s novel ‘Nun’
Number of views: 1416      Download in PDF

13.00.00 Pedagogic Sciences

17. Zulfina Sh. Aglaymova
Features of teaching mathematics students bachelor of «Applied informatics in economy»
Number of views: 1237      Download in PDF

18. Alisa Yu. Kolomiets
Legal culture formation of teenagers from dysfunctional families
Number of views: 1433      Download in PDF

25.00.00 Geoscinces

19. Nailya S. Tazhetdinova, Mikhail M. Iolin
Nature protection measures when mineral deposits development
Number of views: 1459      Download in PDF

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